Soleus Strain/Tear

Hello, getting back into running well now after arthroscopy in the summer.  Knee has ups and downs but generally heading in the right direction.


Tonight I went for a run while my daughter was at gymnastics, moderate to hard and just over five and a half miles.  About two and a half miles in I felt (what I am assuming in my soleus) getting tight.  This sometimes happens but generally goes away but this time it started to feel really tight. The course was a lot of uphill till that point.  I ended up stopping to give it a stretch off.


I began running again, albeit a bit more gingerly and after a couple of hundred metres I felt a slight pop.  I ended up walking for a few minutes until I got to the remainder of the course which was now mostly downhill - I managed to jog the rest of the way back (and made it in time to pick up little one).  


Iced and rested it nowand it is easing off a bit.  Question is, what should I be doing now?  Should I try to stretch it, should I foam roller/tennis ball it and most importantly how long out???  We have a baby due (now five days overdue) so would probably be putting running on hold for a couple of weeks anyway.


just looking for some advice, thanks in advance


  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Bad luck.  I popped my soleus some years back and the advice was to ICE with some rest but movement is good to keep the blood flowing.  Be warned you will have residual scar tissue which, being where it is, may create a pull on your calf/Achilles/posterior tib blah blah blah in the future.  For now, I think 3 weeks is the minimal time for a soft tissue injury to heal and another few weeks to be fully repaired although you can run on it. Every case varies but that was my advice.  So good luck with the recovery and, more importantly, the new arrival!  

  • thanks,confirms what I've found on the web. ok timing with the baby imminent but a touch annoying as I had started to make good inroads into losing my weight gain from my knee op. 


    thatwhich doesn't kill us and all that. my return to football date might have to be revised thoughimage

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