Cross Country Spikes or Trail Racers

Am trying to decide which of the two to buy, will be using for long interval training, hills and tempo runs off road?

Any suggestion welcome?


  • You'd only want spikes if it was all soil you'd be running on ?

    Most off road trails have a fair bit of stone on ?

    I would go with trail shoes.
  • +1 what cougies says.

    Spikes are no so good going downhill if you are doing hill reps.

    Decent pair of trail shoes would be best and give more options. Currnetly in x-talon 212s for XCs and short off-road hilly training sessions

  • Cheers for the answers, much appreciated. Do you recommend any off road shoe below £50ish?

  • Not a great time to be buying as the new Autumn winter season is upon us but you may be able to pick up some of last season's models cheap. Tend to favour Inov-8s myself but I noticed Pete Bland was knocking out some La Sportiva crosslites for a reasonable price as they have slight cosmetic flaws - not sure that matters as they will be brown all over in next to no time!


  • I'm quite keen on Adidas Kanadias. V cheap. Small sizing though - so go a size up if you mail order.
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    New Balance NB110 are about 40 quid in sports direct.

    Mine have got me through 10ks and 50ks this year.
  • Vote here for the Adidas Kanadadadia or whatever they are called. Decent but VERY well priced.

    Spikes are generally only needed for cross country races/leagues etc. Not long until I invariably bend a spike and ruin my new Puma Haraka in their first outing the weekend after next (always happens!!)

  • Quick question for the Kanadias wearers. 

    I've seen that Sweatshop have had these on at £40, and have been meaning to get down for a few weeks now. Hopefully will get there over the weekend, but how do they bear up to some road use do you think? I've identified some off road trails I'll be using them on in training, but may well need to head to / from them via roads and pavements for a mile or two in either direction. 

    Are they ok for a bit of mainly light road use would you say?

  • I've run some of my marathon 20 milers in them on road. Sure it wears the lugs down a bit - but not a problem. I'd not do a road race in them - but they're fine for training on the roads. And they seem to wash up very well too. Much more durable than road shoes. I'll get another pair for xmas I think.
  • Bob - they'll be fine. I did all my winter long runs in Kanadias when it was icy, and that was a mix of wet tarmac and hardcore ice and snow.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Simon - I was reminiscing about the Ham Lands Surrey League race in another thread only five minutes ago.  I blame the damage caused to my spike plate by the stony path for my poor sprint finish!  imageimage

    Looking forward to a few more smack-downs with you this season.  image

  • PS: Bob - even cheaper in Sports Direct, I think.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Oh yeah, Millsy - cheers for the NB tip. There's a Sports Direct near me, might be popping along to see if I can pick up a pair tomorrow.  Actually, same question as Bob, considering how minimal they are, would they be OK on short sections of tarmac for otherwise off-road long runs?

  • Cheers Cougie / Lit - remember you mentioning they'd been good for the price, Lit and had used them on snow and ice, but wasn't sure for more general road use. Sound fine though. Ta for the tip re: Sports Direct too. May as well call in to the one in Chilwell on the way back up from Brum tomorrow afternoon then. 

  • While we're doing trail shoes you can wear on tarmac, I got some Saucony Peregrines for £40-ish online and they seem fine too (and a comfier fit for me than the Kanadias).

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Phil, they do have a bit of cushioning in them, they are not quite a stripped down as the minimus trail so can cope with a few miles of road.

    I've used them in the Salisbury 50k the past few years. That is approx 30% road and they just about coped. For sections of about 3-4 miles then no problems at all.

    They are changing them quite drastically soon so I am starting to stockpile a few pairs.
  • Are they the ones that have been in TK Maxx recently too? I noticed some decent-looking NB trail shoes in there the other week for not much money; might be worth a look.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Millsy - cheers. They sound like just the ticket.

    lit, do you want to come shopping in Lewisham?  They've got a TK Maxx and a Sports Direct, and almost equidistant between the two is the legendary Maggie's - 5.99 breakfast, choose up to 20 different items!  image

    (Post-VLM breakfast...)



  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Pre-VLM breakfast I'd prefer.

  • Phil - YES. But how do they fit 20 items on the plate?

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    They do actually have different sized plates depending on the size of your order.  image  Bear in mind the items include things like (bottomless) tea and toast, and my plate there includes double egg, sausage and bacon (obviously), although I was still seven items short of my allowance.  Schoolboy error.

  • Ah, that (partially) explains it; I hadn't counted the bacon as two.

  • That is possibly the best breakfast ever. Where is this wonderful land of Lewisham ?

    Do i turn left or right after the VLM finish line ?
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    That looks awesome. I've just had to look where it is in relation to my VLM hotel. That could be just the ticket on the Monday morning before getting the train home.
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    It's much easier to find from the start of VLM, Cougs.  Roll down Blackheath Hill and turn left.  You might struggle to get back up again though.


    I'm deciding what I would have. Struggling to get past 16 in my imagination though as I think chips as well would be going too far. Their costumers come from miles around!

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    There may be one of those funny world records to claim.

    Fastest VLM after eating Maggies 20 item breakfast (without puking en route)
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    I can feel a VLM forum brekky party coming on!

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    ...well that was disappointing.  NB 110 aren't the right shape for my feet.  I fear my slightly long second toe would be giving me gyp after a XC race with any amount of downhill.  But I did get four pairs of Karrimor running socks for a tenner.  (No Maggie's, have to save room for my steak!)

  • I doubt I could walk after that breakfast let alone run Phil.
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