Strava/Garmin Connect

Thieves actively use this site to identify homes where high value bikes may be kept. Locally we had a big issue with high value bike thefts which were linked by either Strava or Garmin Connect (being shown on facebook).

If using Strava/Garmin and you intend to publish it in the public domain dont start your recording from your home and stop recording before returning home.


  • Ta melds. I know strava has security settings - put in your postcode and it won't show the start or end of a ride if it's in that area.
  • I'v ethought that for a while...I'm not very good with techknowledgy though.

  • I think most Strava users are a bit more savvy now but I do see a lot of people updating FB with garmin connect and we have all heard of people having bikes nicked ..

  • I suppose having a segment that starts or ends in a garage or similar doesn't help.

  • It would do if it wasnt your garage   image

  • When you see people not using the privacy setting to hide where they live, including details of the squillion pounds worth of bikes they're using on their profile, then uploading runs on holiday while they're still away, it makes you want to weep...

    ...then pop round just to see if there's anything left.

  • now theres a thought Dave .... going anywhere nice on your holidays ??   image

  • hope they don't come looking for my running shoes. I've got about 10 pairs on the go at the mo! image

  • I forgot you knew where I live, Melds.  Time to move... image

  • I only post Garmin activities if races or start away from home. Otherwise use privacy setting for training activities. 

    Especially important if you run & ride on regular times & days as if on run means bikes at home. 

    Think criminal 

  • Worth also pointing out that Strava uses a simple exclusion radius from your house, so if you ride out in multiple directions, it's not hard to work out the centre of the circle. Worth sticking in a postcode just down the road (but make sure it still covers your house) for a bit of added security. image

  • Like one of your mate's postcodes instead? image

  • or just extend the 'private' zone to 1/4mile or so, unless you  live in a country pile in the middle of nowhere....image

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • I was warned about this at the shop when I bought an Edge as they had had a number   of thefts in their area. As I live in the middle of nowhere with only a few house within the few miles around it would not be difficult to find out where I live. I would not have thought about this unless they mentioned it especially as they were talking from experience. 

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