Nausea during the last few miles..

Hi all,

I've seen a few different threads on this, but thought I'd set up a new one is a bit different! I've been doing long runs (10 miles +) for the last year or so, having smashed my PB for the half marathon in March, I was looking forward to getting a better time in Cardiff last weekend.

During my long training runs, especially when it's hot I've started to feel queasy towards the end, and after a few I've had real nausea and sickness afterwards, especially when it's hot! I was flying in Cardiff up to Mile 10, when I started to feel rough and by the end managed to walk run the last few miles, so losing precious minutes as a result of nausea. After the race, when I'd cooled down a bit I felt like I had a bad hangover and was rough for a few hours afterwards.

A few running friends have said it could be down to salts, as I do sweat (ok, it's a runners forum and we're all friends here!) badly on my long runs when it's hot. As I've been ok in colder races, this makes sense, so how do I beat it?

I try to hydrate well before the races and long runs, but don't drink much (water or high5 as a choice) due to the sloshing in my stomach. I've got a fairly healthy diet, don't drink much alcohol (at present!) but want to see if there are any suggestions as to what the sickiness may result from (as it seems to be common) and what are the magic answers?

Cheers all!


  • Hi John,

    nausea can be caused by dehydration

    if you are sweating a lot you will be losing electrolytes which need replacing also

    Dont drink too much before the run. and try sipping a little and often during, eg one tiny sip per km.

    poor stomach emptying (sloshy stomach) can be caused by too strong a pace or heat (blood being diverted from digestive tract to muscles and skin), or imbalance in water sugar and electrolyte.



  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    If you stop eating and drinking (just sip afterwards) within 2 hours of the start then you will be fine re sloshing. I tend to see the 24 hours before as key hydration time. I take a couple of high 5's on the morning of the race as well just to get some electrolytes in etc.

    Its probably just a phase that will pass. I have had various annoying ones in races.

  • For me the magic answer was giving up coffee on race mornings.

  • sorry James, i just realised i called you John image oops, cant read straight!

    DT19 is right about the timing before the run. 2 or even 3 hours before.

  • No problem Maxs mum, been called far worse! ???? Very helpful comments, thanks! DT19, do you mean gels, as i have used the high 5 drinks for years but not tried the gels as used them ages ago & they made me more thirsty!

    I'll happily try anything, avoiding coffee may be a good start as I've felt so gutted about how well i was doing before i felt rough & need to smash my time next time!

    Keep the comments coming! ????
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