Libyan prime minister Ali Zeidan freed following 'kidnap'

Libyan television showed him at around 1.30pm local time (12.30pm BST) returning to his Tripoli office wearing a business suit and flanked by dozens of soldiers in red berets. He was cheered by his staff as he went inside and did not stop to talk to journalists.

Militia units who had taken charge of security outside the hotel after police fled in the morning withdrew following Zeidan's return and police units in red and white jeeps were again deployed around the entrance.

The situation at the hotel was tense with dozens of armed men from police, army and pro-Zeidan militias clustered at the entrance with machine guns and rocket launchers. Inside, guests could be seen standing around the lobby looking out as security forces deployed outside.

Condemnations of the prime minister's kidnapping have come from the UK foreign minister, William Hague, and the United Nations support 


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    Quite a lot of "gear" mentioned, to be fair...

    business suit
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    red and white jeeps
    machine guns
    rocket launchers


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    What's his best time for 5k?

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