Trail Shoes?

I do all my weekend runs, including my LSD, up in the woods. I run directly there and back from my house, which is approximately a 3 mile round trip.

Should I invest in a pair of trail shoes? I don't want to get a pair for the sake of it and/or ruin them on the run up to the woods which is done on the pavement/village road. I do between 8-15 miles off road when I actually get there...


What do you recommend?


  • Also, forgot to say that if you think I should invest what are the best type to get? I run in Saucony normally...


  • I'd only bother if you're finding that you're slipping or needing a sturdier shoe in the woods ? Depending on the trails - road shoes might be fine.

    (I do think that trail shoes are quite a good idea - I've put almost 500 miles on my cheapo Adidas Kanadia both on road and off - and they're still feeling fine)
  • Its proper off-road: mud, sand, hills etc.


  • Everyone needs at least two pairs of shoes - so they can dry one pair whilst using the others. It also helps avoiding injury as well.

    Sounds like you need new shoes !
  • any recommendations?


  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Inov-8 Roclite 295s or 315s have enough cushioning for the 3 miles of tarmac, but excellent grip for mud etc. Also, the studs on the sole have enough surface area not to wear too quickly,  If you're lucky with the sizes, and shop around you can pick up the older style 295 for under £50 at the moment. Fit is very similar to a Saucony in my limited experience of Sauconys...

    Saucony do an excellent trail shoe - the Repergrine, but it's quite minimilast and the sole may not be much use for the tarmacesections. 

  • I also run in Saucony on the roads, and am considering Adidas Kanadia for my first Trail shoe. Can anyone tell me if these are any good? I don't want to spend too much initially as I don't know if I will be running off road often enough to justify the cost!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    They are very confortable, with good cushioing, but slightly heavy. I also found the uppers on mine failed after just 150 miles, but others say they are bomb proof!

    Just noticed - ;last post shoule have said "Peregrine" - not "repergrine" image

  • Roclite 295 or brooks cascadia, both will do the job!  image image

  • MACbMACb ✭✭✭

    Kanadia's, cheap, especially if you are a weird size! But be warned, you'll need a size bigger than you are! I hated these at first but now I'm on my 5th or 6th pair.

  • I got a pair of Asics Enduro 7 off Amazon for £30, they are the older model but for getting dirty and messed up I'm not bothered. Use them for all my muddy runs with the dog over the park.

  • just bought some Salomon fellraisers and they look brilliant image

    Never seen such a sexy trainer, plus they fit like a glove in normal size (not the normal +1)

    Not cheap at £75 but well worth it in when alot of other club runners rave about them!

    Salomon and Mud claws?? seem to be repeated alot round my area and seem to cope well in the XC season. image

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