arthroscopy Plus micro fracture

I am rehabbing after an arthroscopy with micro fractures, and would like some (positive if possible) stories about how people have done post op.


  • Had arthroscopy about 2 months ago to 'trim' torn meniscus and am back running now.  Can't honestly say it's totally pain free but it is getting better and having had the othe rknee done some 12 years ago can offer you some assurance that given a bit of time you'll be fine. 

  • Hi Mad Liz,

    Where (on your body - not geographically) did you have your arthroscopy? I take it from Patrick's response he had knee arthroscopy - I had arthroscopy with micro fractures on the talar dome in my right ankle almost exactly 5 years ago. Sadly, I struggle to be positive about it!

    I think my original injury (smashing the top of my talus during a ballet pointe-work excerise then continuing with ballet and running cos I didn't realise the extent of the damage I'd done!) has been corrected/healed BUT the massive damage done by the surgeon as he wrestled with my ankle continues to cause me problems - damaged tendons, scar tissue, fluid buld up, restricted movement, pain, etc.

    The main advice I have for you is to NOT continue eating the amount you did before the op, when you were presumable fit & active, during your recovery... from personal experience - now 2 stone over weight! image

    Having said all that, if you follow all the recuperative advice from your consultant and your physio you should do fine - take it easy/steady on return, and if your op was on your knee I blieve they're generally far more straight forward and successful than ankle ops. I am just about back to running (no ballet since) - but am plagued by injury as my gait has changed and I think I favour my left side more now, so I'm more prone to injury.

    Sorry for the long ramble, and that I couldn't quite fulfill the brief of your OP though!

  • Thanks both

    The arthroscopy was in my knee. I am allowed to partial weight bare, so am walking about a mile and a half a day ( Nearest shop) I don't do anaesthetics very well, so have been off my food for the last three weeks when I had it done. 

    There has been minimal pain compared with beforehand, but mentally it has been a struggle, as I had no idea that I would end up with this, as I had been referred through the physio, who said I had a small meniscal tear and some early arthritis under my patella, which would be trimmed. I am an orthopaedic nurse(!), but as we see people either immediately pre and post op, and then for an out patients appointment afterwards we don't get to know what patients are asked to do in the meantime. I was sent home with the instructions of what to do after an uncomplicated arthroscopy, so started driving after a week (apparently I shouldn't have done that), and didn't know what exercises I should do. I have been to see the consultant today, and I have more or less done every thing ok apart from the driving, but I am going stir crazy, and the ring finger on my left hand is numb from the pressure used to propel myself on the crutches.


  • Little Nell - What does it feel like when you start putting your foot down again?

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