Why would I NEED a new running watch?

I'm quite happy with my current running watch, I just fancy trying something new. But how can I justify spending a good few pounds on this. What are the features I didn't know I NEEDed?

Current one is a Garmin 210. It has a HRM but I never bothered with that. I prefer to stay with Garmin but will change brands for a good reason. I'm not into bicycle or swimming features. What great features are out there?


  • I ditched my 210 - after the dreaded issues of will the charging connectors work or not sydrome got too much. I didn't have a problem with the Garmin software or apps. After looking seriously at the 910 and Polar RCX5. I went for the Polar.

    The Polar has a seperate GPS unit - you either like it or don't. I love it. It means the watch will work for around 12 months per battery. I do like the lack of cable when syncing to my Mac - and it works every time! It has a huge number of metrics to play with.

    One major complaint from Polar users who also use a mobile App - they don't support Android - period.

    Both Garmin and Polar have good points, but the hardware has to work. For me the 210 didn't.

  • Garmin 620 when it comes out in the very near future.

    Touch Screen pretty colour screen, will tell you when you are recovered from runs etc.. has fun extras built into the new strap.  Not needed at all but looks a lot of fun.

  • Thanks for your replies! Yes the trial-error situation of connecting the Garmin 210 to its cable irritates me too every time! The new Garmins look very nice. I see they also download satellite locations so they can find them much faster. My 210 takes forever some times to locate satellites. And in colour image. I will check out Polar too. I don't have Android anyway.

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