struggling with a 25 meter pool

Please can anyone shed some light. I can swim comfortably in open water...1550 in 30 a beginner !!!. But I get to the pool and feel I just can't do it...out of breath even after 4 lengths. Anyone else experienced the same ???. Any help would be great.Thanks.


  • i hate pools.for me it partly because the water temperature is way too warm for me and so i find it difficult to function

  • I get bad reactions to the chlorine to the extent it affects my breathing. I'm puffed out after a few laps too. Have you considered a chlorine intolerance?


  • I'm sort of the same- not quite as 'chalk & cheese'.  Assumed it's the wetsuit flattering my poor swimming.  Perhaps we've got sinky legs, which the wetsuit lifts up, making us gods in the OW image

  • Me too, after a morning swim (pool) I'm sweating long afterwards.

    I'm a weak swimmer, I started open water this year and loved it, found it easier than the pool and a lot more fun, I don't mind the pool though apart from the temperature, but I rarely do long sessions, I get a bit bored and find it hard to focus as its too easy to just get out, its hard not to focus in the middle of a lake or out at sea.

    I have found short sessions suit me best, I do 30-40 mins 2-3 mornings a week, and focus on speed and technique, I get puffed out easily so usualy do a length of breast stroke to recover, where as openwater I go slow and pace myself as I worry about getting too tired, I try to find a rhythm as soon as poss, which I find hard in a pool as I often have to dodge people, stop to turn at each end etc

  • Occasionally I suffer from sniffles and puffy eyes from the pool, or did when I actually did any swimming. The only thing I can suggest is taking an anti histamine.

  • A chlorine allergy isn't a histamine reaction so an anti histamine won't make any difference. 

    I only know this because my daughter is a speed swimmer and she has spent the past 18 months being tested to death for some skin and breathing problems that developed when she joined an elite squad that uses a very old and badly maintained pool.

    She can avoid the issues if she showers the moment she leaves the water and spends 20 minutes in it. Although I think she does that because she likes spending ages and she knows that I cannot moan at her about being slow any more!  She also quit the squad and is training at a modern pool now.  She now has to wear a face mask if she uses chlorine in Chemistry at school, all caused by the pool apparently.

    Many pools don't use chlorine any more, it is worth asking at the pool.  It is generally an intolerance rather than an allergy.

    Sorry to go on, I've learned loads about this particular subject after the past 18 months!

  • You might find this interesting, especially the bit titled chlorine. Generally if you can smell it then the pool is on the brink of needing more chlorine. It sounds weird and someone I know who used to be a pool manager spent ages explaining it to me. And I still thought he was having me on. You may have hit that pool at the point it needed a top up.

    One other thing, because the gas sits on the surface then you could try a snorkel. I've got a finis one I use for crawl training when I'm not working on breathing.
  • I find that I try to swim faster in the pool as I am concerned about people catching me up, or me holding people up.  Itss not a conscious thing, but somthing I do instinctively.  Maybe you too are trying to go too fast in the pool?

  • D0MD0M ✭✭✭

    Few weeks after I started, I could do a 1500m OW swim in a wetsuit, but still struggled with anything over 200m in a pool.  This was purely a wetsuit thing.  

  • you dont need to swim in winter - its against the rules and is classified as cheating under section 3a 

    dont do it 


  • As DOM says coould be a wetsuit/buoyancy problem have you tried  using a pullbuoy.

  • I staryed getting a massivley snotty nose for 2-3 days post swimming

    A nose clip.sorted me out.

    I always use it now.  I need to buy a new one every 4 months....

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