not so fat club Tue 8th

Okay, lets be positive today
Managed a slow 3 mile run this am, legs still a bit sore though
Shall try not to develop the 2 week munchies that i had post marathon
Still 2 pounds lighter, but i could still be dehydrated, had a good lot of gin yesterday
Have a good day, all


  • I've been eating almost constantly since Sunday's race. Going to be better today... don't want to start edging back up again.

    Got TA this evening so I'll probably get a bit of a beasting then.

  • Very sore from yesterdays run and body pump class, rest day for me today but am determined to be good re:food. Why is it so easy to put weight on and so difficult to take if off, gggrrrrrrr.

    Have a good day everyone.
  • I went out for a meal with the other half last night because I was feeling a bit down (got outbid on a house) ended up have a plat full of chicken strips in a light batter with sweet and sour source followed by a half a duck in orange source and a side order of chips.

    But I will be better today – promise ;o)

  • Morning all.

    Dire day yesterday. Half-asleep most of the day after working at the computer till 4am (Benz, I almost recalled how awful I felt most of the time when I was planning a career in O&G - I could sympathise with what you're still enduring). Took Kevin home after work (she likes to hang out in the surgery) and didn't leave the house for planned swim. By 8pm I had realised that I was doing another hospital doctor trick - using sugar as a substitute for sleep. Even Michelle couldn't have beaten my Hobnob count, and that was after the breakfast cereal and "only one" bowl of Haagen-Dazs, and the all-day toffee session. Slept for an hour in the bath and another nine in bed and feel so much better today despite the fact that Kevin ate my banana and apple on the school run.

    Got stuff through for Cheddar Half to help motivation along. Also got Kevin's posters up ("Living with autism can feel like climbing a I'm climbing a mountain to help other people affected by autism". Corny or what?) so need to get her into some serious training for Ben Nevis. Good start last week - I took her on a hilly walk, and halfway up the biggest undulations she asked, "When will we get to these hills, then?"

    Back on the rails today. I shall eat proper meals, sleep enough, and pick up the schedules again.
  • Morning all,
    Glad to see I'm not the only one having a bad start..!!! Pee'd off today.. my accountant reckons I owe the tax man £1,000...!!! I ate lots of chocolate last night and feel really sluggish this morning.. Meeting my friend for lunch, so that should cheer me up and I plan to go back to the running club tonight too. Calf is still really tight though - dunno what's caused that. I need a new pair of trainers too, but the taxman appears to have scuppered that little plan at the moment! I'm gonna be a Good Michelle today (no hob-nobs V-Rap, I promise!!).. thing is.. there's a Giant size Mars bar in the fridge..and I can't stop thinking about it..
    Michelle x
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Following on from yesterday's healthy eating I have started the day well with fruit and porridge.

    Didn't go to party last night as planned because Mike's uncle finally died (not unexpected and a blessing for his uncle because he was in a vegetative state receiving care constantly). I've already started worrying about the logistics of getting animals and elderly mother looked after whilst we get up to Liverpool for the funeral.

    Still not allowed to go to the gym but am getting exercise from brisk walks each day. I've really noticed a difference in how my body feels without any running/weights - I seem to have loads of little niggles everywhere. Can't wait to get back to training!

    V-rap, I love your poster! Meeting children with special needs makes you realise just how challenging life can be for both them and their carers. The carer of an autistic boy told me how, when he was approaching adolescence, he suddenly started having terrible tantrums whenever she undressed him. How easy for us who can express our needs to condemn his tantrums as bad behaviour. She finally realised that he was embarrassed to be undressed by a woman - when a male carer took over this role, the tantrums stopped. I wonder if you're aware of the work done by the Lady Taverners? They work with children with special needs by organising sporting events. I don't know if they could help with your cause.

    Good luck to everyone weighing in today.
  • Sorry to hear about the taxman Michelle ... Right bummer!

    i had a poor day yesterday too succumbing to a few pints of "London Pride" which kicked off a crisp & chocolate binge ugh!

    Run this morning with a trace of a hangover, but I made the effort and got out there. Actually felt pretty good and managed to get up a rather steep hill that's so far been beating me.

    Easing off now in prep. for first race for 25 years (10K at Dulwich on Sunday.)

    Just ordered a "URWFRC" vest so hopefully can become one of the team for future events.

    Got the Brighton entry form and will probably give it a go all being well after Sunday.

    Cheers all!
  • Well done Maccy for entering the 10K on Sunday.. and well done for going out for a run with a hangover too! It is with much regret that I have to report that the Mars bar in the fridge is no more... I feel soooo's all my own fault of course.. dunno where my willpower's hiding today!! (or yesterday in fact..). Still, not gonna beat myself up over it, will run it off tonight at the running club!
    Michelle x
  • But Michelle if you had left it in the fridge it would have been calling all day! Also, isn't there something to be said for consuming calories earlier in the day rather than later? At least you stand more chance of buring it off, AND you are now probably feeling SO sick you couldn't face anything else bad all day! :-)

    Hee hee - I can justify anything - that's why I haven't got myself out for a run in nearly a week - we were away for a long weeken, so the last run was Wednesday. I have promised myself to be out there tonight though, and thought if I post it, I can't wimp out, can I?

  • Off to the gym. Royal Marine gym instructor is the most evil man on the planet, I just keep pushing out the press-ups to spite him! He wants me to give up because I'm an Army boy... I will never surrender!!! What a stupidly competitive person I am.
  • Haven't started off well at all today - the funny taste is back in my mouth :o( So no breakfast today and only a cup of coffee to drink. At least I parked at the furthest end of the hospital car park so had a good walk to the outpatients. Doggie walk this afternoon and another tussle with the hairdresser - getting locks cut at 2pm (again) before it all falls off! (sigh)
  • Hi all, just got back to work today after the GNR. Wow, I had a brillaint time. Been trawling through forums to see how everyone else got on. I did it in 2.13. Can't believe I managed it, knee was sore and got a blister at 6 miles that could have its own life its so huge. I didn't see any forumites, which was a shame, so maybe next year. Am afraid that good eating habits flew out the window, massive curry with beer on Sunday night, and long boozy lunch yesterday before returning to London. Am back on the healthy eating plan today. Haven't been to gym to weigh myself, but will report in later in the week.
  • Sassie, EP, Redhead and Benz - I've done it!!! I have registered, along with Mr Stumpy, for Brighton!! Now I am terrified!!

    I hope you realise yesterday's thread was responsible - you were all so up for it - I thought 'we can drive down for that one!', talked the mr into it (didn't take much, he's better than me!) and I've been and registered just now. Eek! This is my first race - am I mad? - I have run 10K before, a couple of times, but not consistently, and that was only with Mr.

    I'll have to go out tonight now, so I don't make a complete fool of myself! The word 'flat' just suckered me in!
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Wheeeee Stumpy & Mr Stumpy (mmm, better be careful with that name or we'll be reported to the moderator!!), great news!! Where abouts in the country are you? We're in Purley so it's only an hour's drive for us.

    Maccy, good luck with the Dulwich 10k. You must feel really proud to be racing again after such a long break. Hope we see you at Brighton.

    Michelle, you naughty naughty girl (spoken by the saintly person who's managed to be good ALL day, well so far anyway!) but I agree with Stumpy that you chose the best time to do it. I hate tax demands - just finished Mike's accounts and await the news of how much more we owe.

    Gordon, did you persuade your fiancee to come to Brighton? You surely couldn't deny a girl her shopping now could you!

    She, congrats on the GNR - brilliant time.

    Cath, enjoy your walk and just think of the bandanas as a fashion statement. Keep fighting my love.
  • lost a kg, lost a kg, lost a kg! the smiliest girl in the world today!
    have been flying along all day ahving a ball, and being really good food-wise - turned down choc in favour of an apple and an orange, yay me. then one of my best boy friends (separate words, as in friend who is a boy) wandered in and broke down in tears. clamed him down and sorted out problem to discover was too late to go to lecture so will have to go and explain in order to avoid thrashing with a big stick from head of year(i do exagerate, thankfully). but should be ok, as boy is ex-department so everyone knows him really well. anyway, all seems well now, so am taking him swimming with me tonight before bible study, to give me some exercise and him a chance to wind down and have some fun with the inflatables they have in for the first half-hour. yo'd never believe he's 22 if you saw his eyes light up at the mention of that.
    anyway, must dash. am on many committees this year, and am having difficultu scheduling in enough h/w time around the exercise that i have finally made a priority, and the lectures and meetings i must attend on pain of death.
    hope everyone else either has an improving h=day from here on in, or is having so much fun that they just havent had time to visit.
    keep smiling,
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    My name is Nessie and I'm a Mars-o-holic.

    Since last week's marathon, I have, with only minimal help from Mr Nessie, polished off a 12 pack of Mars ice creams. The first 2 were reward for the marathon, but the rest were just pure willpowerlessness.

    Still, I've just come back from the dentist, and even drinking water is a bit messy (at least it dries without leaving a stain), so I probably will be very good for the rest of today. Worst of it is, I got 3 injections, and still have the tooth! Apparently the abcess which has been causing me pain for the last three weeks is stopping the freezing process. Bah! So back a week on Thursday to try again.

    Diet by dentistry - it could catch on.
  • Hi Redhead - we are in Dunstable, about 2 miles from Luton (but thank goodness for those 2 little miles!), and thought about staying down overnight, but for an 11 o'clock start thought we could probably drive down same day - makes things easier.

    Am currently sitting here trying to get some work done (I am sorry, in light of todays postings, to confess that Mr is an accountant and I am one of the sad souls who work for him), but am wondering how I got myself into this position! It all happened so quickly officer......

    Looking forward to meeting you Redhead and everyone! Who'd have thought, me in a race! :-)
  • Aren't you all good!

    Well, I'm good too now. I plundered the students' lunch (which we arrange to be catered to keep them out of the pub at lunchtime) and had lots of fruit, ran 7-8 miles, then had a reduced-fat beef and watercress sandwich, and one bag of crisps. Hoped for more fruit, but Lay-Zee-Boy had pilfered it. He and Anna Rexia won't need to buy any food this week now. Slightly hungry, but have avoided delving into the filing cabinet. I know what's in there - half a packet of Honey Nut Shredded Wheat, one large pack of Werther's Originals, one packet of instant custard (you don't want to know!) and maybe a few loose toffees that escaped my jaws yesterday. But I shall survive to dine on...what? Barbecue chicken pizza, probably, unless I can be bothered throwing vegetables and meat-substitute into a pan and stirring it.

    Must sign and send my own tax return back to the accountant. I thought these fellas existed to help us AVOID paying tax. Mine is, alas, punctiliously honest and demands the same of his clients, so I seem to be doing more and more work just to keep up with the tax bills. Ah, well, I'd rather be earning the money and paying the tax than NOT have the income.
  • Scratch "good". I've just found an opened-but-barely-started 2-litre bottle of Diet Coke in the surgery kitchen and had a huge phosphoric acid fix. Haven't touched cola for months! I can feel my bones crumbling already. How sad is that?
  • V-rap that is outrageous! Actually, it has been know for me to purchase the odd tin of fizzy e-numbers, although its always the 'skinny' stuff. But yes, it will cause all manner of nasty things to happen to you - eeeeek!
  • I'm sorry, but can we stop with the anti-accountants bit today please? Its bad enough living and working with them - without finding them here too!! This was my escape route......
  • Stumpy, I am not anti-accountant. I rather like most of the accountants I know, including the one to whom I pay a substantial annual fee, and value the job they do, especially as I would hate to do it myself. My tongue was in my cheek, probably trying to gouge out the last fragment of potato crisp.
  • My name is Glenn and I am an accountant. Sorry Stumpy.
  • My name is Tortoise and I am a tax consultant. Sorry too, Stumpy.

    PS I hasten to add that I work on the opposite side to the Inland Revenue - so it could be worse!
  • 15 minutes to gin
    Only one bag of crisps today plus sandwich
    Hungry now
    Baked potatoes take ages to cook
    Did my tax return at 4 am a cuople of weeks ago, should be grateful to the git who phoned me at 2 am, or i wouldnt have been too annoyed to sleep, and wouldnt have done it
    Theres a sliver lining to every cloud
  • Gin. Now there's a good idea. I think I'll pick some up on the way home - I've been on the wine mostly lately.

    Baked potates don't take long in the microwave, but they don't taste as good.
  • Oh it's going from bad to worse guys... I thought, like you all did, that if I ate the Mars bar this morning, that would be the 'naughtiness' over for the day, but NO..! Was very good at lunchtime with my friend and all I had was a tuna sandwich, then when I got home, the Mr had bought a slab (& I mean slab!) of bread pudding from the bakers.. he said that he'd had a bit but it was a bit heavy for him, so he had left it.. he said, 'you won't like's too heavy..'... well, proved him wrong didn't I and polished off the lot..!! What is happening to me!! Am now going to get ready to go to the running club.. cos you all know I don't feel like going now..!!! Hope tomorrow is a better day..!!!
    Michelle x
  • Isn't bread pudding reasonably healthy? Suppose it depends on how much sugar you put in it.
  • Not the way I make it, Glenn - bread, butter, jam or raisins, eggs, hefty sprinkling of nuts and sugar...but it's for my husband and kids because I don't like sloppy puddings much.
  • Hang on. Isn't that something different - bread and butter pudding maybe? The bread pudding I know isn't sloppy, you could kill cockroaches with it - like a brieze block with sultanas in.

    Had borshch for breakfast today, thanks to Russian wife who made it the evening before.
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