not so fat club Tue 8th



  • Bloody gin is frozen solid, cos the Mr forgot to turn fast freeze off!!
    Found some wine so that will have to do
    Yum , nearly tea time
    Dont worry Michelle, youll run it all off
  • One of my receptionists (now retired) used to bring in the stuff you're describing - it was like bricks made out of bread, dried fruit, cinnamon and superglue. There was no distinction where I grew up - "bread and butter pudding" and "bread pudding" both meant the sloppy stuff, though not as sloppy as my mother-in-law makes it (she doesn't use eggs).

    Hope you didn't spill the borscht down your nice clean shirt, Glenn - it never washes out.
  • Well I have been ... not too bad ... oh hell I've been terrible, eating all week and today I even had 2 pkts of crisps .. and a wee bar of the sugary tablet stuff ... but went out for my first run tonight since my long walk (marathon) and apart from my knee thinking it was elastic I had a real enjoyable run... made me smile and I felt good ... now icing the knee ... and planning a trip to the gym tomorrow .. haven't weighed myself for over 2 weeks ... not to sure I want to either !!!!
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