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Hi Guys

Thought I'd post for some advice;

Ive just completed my first marathon, the Berlin, 5:33, which Im really happy with as the expereince wa as great one, totally enjoyed it, with no expectation of time just the hope to beat the sweeper bus. I was following a book,The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer, which was great, I put no expectations just wanted a great experience, which it was; I still feel a bit of a fraud when people say Ive run a marathon, i say I jogged it image

My questions next would be, what now, Id love to train and post a respectable time, but not sure how to go about it. Im several stone overweight and think id really love a sub 5 or sub4 hour time but not sure how much is possible, and how would I even go about it? 

Can anyone recommend a way to go about it? I thought it would be a question of picking a sub 5 or 4 marathon program and TRYING to follow it but im sure thats not the case.

Anyway, appreciate your hep, thanks



  • So to start with, you don't "need" to but, loosing the extra weight would make a huge difference loose 2/3 stone and with the same training you will get sub 5.

    Maybe do some park runs to get some speed sessions and use things like the mcmillen pace calculator to help you.

    i did 5:30:22 for my first then six months later 4:56:13 for my second. I used my.asics.co.uk I I put in 5:30 as my first time and it gave be a plan for 5:06 do I started. Again and said I could do 5:20 then it gave me a just sub 5h planimage

    Personally i think it's all down to wanting it and training. So look at a few plans around 4:30 / 5h and see which fit in best with your lifestyle. Some are lots and lots of slow miles others are less but harder run miles.. It's what fits in best for you.

    but I know this is tedious loosing the excess weight makes a huge difference. Believe me. My BMI was 38.* now it's 23.* I've tried carrying a pack with the 80 odd lbs in it... Nearly killed me in a couple of minutes it makes life and running easier loosing itimage 

  • If you want help with the diet. There is a long diet thread on the beginners forum, or you can look online but at it's simplest loose around 3500 calories a week to loose on average 1lb. But if you are on the large side and a bloke cutting down to 1800ish calories a day would make a good difference in a few weeks. 

    But tge key to dieting is honesty.. uf you don't count the calories from a pint of beer just because they will take you on the wrong side of your count the only person you are creating is yourself. So if you want to diet go for it, but be honest with yourselfimage

    You can run and diet. It's hard work but really worthwhile, and you can always prod us for some support if you need itimage

  • Argh need edit!! So many typos on iPhone sorry! 

  • Thank you for that support thats a greta help, yes i agree with the weight think that will really help also image

  • Well first off you need to decide whether your next goal is sub 4 or sub 5. The first could be achievable relatively easily but the second will be much harder.

    Sub 5 as a step on the road to sub 4 makes more sense to me, especially as you are currently overweight.




  • yes definately agree with that also, scream, sub 5 should be my next goal and the weight loss 

  • Good luck image

  • Nothing complicated. If I was you, I'd consider doing something like:

    Spend the next couple of months without a recognised training programme - just enjoy your running - but try to keep above 18-20 miles a week.  Maybe add a bit of swimming, cycling or gym (whatever you like doing) - and keep working on losing some weight at a sustainable rate.

    If you go for another marathon in the spring, and want to aim for a more "serious" attempt, you'll need to up your mileage... and maybe you need to think about the impact on your knees and legs, if you really are 'several' stones overweight.

    Maybe target some 10K races early in the new year and a spring half-marathon. Then maybe another October marathon next year.   I just think that would be better for your body in the long run... and also give you a real opportunity to make a spectacular cut in your PB

  • Thanks Runny sorry for the delayed response;

    Yes definately seems like a good plan, I've done a triathlon and found the swimming helps so maybe continue with other forms or exercise too;

    Yes definatley serverla stones overweight so I will make that a priority;

    Sounds like a good plan, thatnk you

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