Tuesday session 8/10/2002

What: More rest
Why: Legs stiffer today than yesterday!
Last hard day: Sunday
Last easy day: Yesterday


  • And here was me thinking you had already got a training session in today! :oP
  • Gym last night 20 mins rower, 10 mins multi trainer, hill profile on treadmill 15 mins, usually do weights, felt like a change so did something different.
    Club night tonight, 6/7 miles we'll see how it goes.
  • Morning all – grey and gloomy today

    Last nights swim went OK 4x250m @ recovery pace – loosened up a few tight muscles

    What : Steady 4 or 5 miles
    Why : club night / recovery session

    Last Hard Day : Sunday
    Last Rest Day : Saturday

  • What: Hoping to fit in a maintenance run of 5-7 miles.
    Why: Back to training! Scratched yesterday's swim in favour of an early night because I was very tired - nothing to do with the GNR and everything to do with having stayed up until 4am working then getting up at 7am for school runs.
    Last hard day: Sunday.
    Last rest day: Yesterday.
  • Morning.

    MartinH, sounds like if your legs get any stiffer you won't actually be able to walk tommorow ! or have you reached that stage already ??

    What - 4.7m tempo run.
    Last Rest Day - yesterday
    Last hard session - Sunday.
  • Gareth - Once in motion I'm actually OK, but making the transition from sitting to standing is certainly an excercise in physical engineering!
  • What : 5x800m speed sesh

    When : In a minute

    Why : Conditions are perfect,cool day no wind and I feel fresh.

    Martin,hope the legs improve.The clock is ticking :-)
  • rest today

    yesterday in stead of my steady 5 I actually did 6M including 8 short hill repeats - felt great going fast uphill but boy did it hurt!
  • MartinH, are you going down stairs backwards??

    What: 9 mile fartlek with club
    Why: Beats me!
    Last hard run: Today
    Last rest day: Monday
  • V-rap, I'm agog with curiosity. Did you really manage to get yourself "on call" the night after GNR? Or was at a non-standard emergency one off.

    What: 5 miles as slowly as possible, with three breaks. Very enjoyable.

    Why: studying slow again to get a pace that can be maintained throughout a half, walking breaks at every mile marker.

    *Mus* not get over tired again before the race. Seem to have lost a bit of left foot and balance after the last do.
  • Just got back and am knackered!

    Started off reps too fast(as usual) and ended up stopping on last one.

    Actually think I ran 5x1000m due to the fact that I was weaving in and out of horse s*$t most of the way.
  • Nothing so public-spirited, Marj. I don't do on-call at night any more, but had a writing job with a deadline of 9am yesterday. It's the sort of thing that can't be done more than a couple of days in advance, and I was too wound up and busy to do it on Friday or Saturday, but assumed I'd be home from the north east by 7pm on Sunday. arrived at about 12.30am instead. And I wasn't doing to do a no-show with my copy!
  • Gggnnnuuurrrgghhh

    What: I think I'm about to do my second ever speed session

    Why : Got to some day and I don't fancy the 6 miler I was planning. Read DannyM's speed description and I thought "I can do that".

    So I've got a little 2 miles circuit and I'm going to fartlek and see if I can get round twice. Fartlek always makes me feel sick so I don't do it but if I'm never more than 1 mile from home?...

    Wish me luck, I'll go and get changed and catch you later

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Went to the gym to do 6*800 at 5km pace but the place was overrun with the 'blue rinse' brigade commandeering the treadmills while bursting along at 3mph.So instead I jogged to a nearby hill and,
    What : 12 * 200m (appx) hill reps in around 45sec, slow jog recovs
    Why : if I can't do intervals, I guess hills are the best substitute...
    Last easy : yesterday (4mile recovery)
    Last rest : Friday

    Jogged back to the gym and did some easy gym work.Nice session , am I getting used to hills ?
  • What: 6miles @ moderate pace this evening
    Why: Still a bit knacked after Sunday run - very sleeeepy
    Last hard day: Sunday (natch!)
    Last rest: Yesterday

    Think I might have a sneaky snooze - hope boss doesn't notice!
  • What: Short interval sesh. Mile warm up then 8 (or 10 if I feel ok) 3.15 reps with 1.30 recoveries and mile cooldown.
    why: Keep up the quality sessions during my marathon taper.

    At least the rain has stopped. Nice to see all those who ran at the weekend still out there, what are your next target races?
  • Morning all,
    What: 4-5 miles steady
    Why: off to Cornwall this afternoon so no time for anything else
    Last rest day: Sun
    Last hard day: Sat
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    MartinH - I massaged my legs with a lavender oil lotion twice a day for the 2 days after my marathon and it really helped. Getting up out of a chair using only your arm strength is challenging, and apparently very amusing to bystanders!

    What: 3 miles easy
    Why: 2 miles easy last night felt ok - not great, but better than I expected on marathon + 8 days.

    May be cancelled depending on outcome of visit to dentist this afternoon. Will either be another course of antibiotics or an extraction. Latter will result in me having to spend the evening curled up on the couch feeling sorry for myself.
  • What: Don't know yet
    Why: First run with a club
    Last hard run: Thursday
    Last rest day: Yesterday

    Just joined a running club, so going along tonight to give it a go :o)

  • What: a) 1.5 - 2 mile cycle accompanying elder son who will be running.
    Then b) either 4x1 mile off 1/3 mile recoveries or 2x2 miles with 1 mile jog recovery. Should just get it in before dark.

    Why: a) Matthew forgot to go to X-C training at school yesterday
    b) Speed endurance session before Chester Zoo on Sunday - not done one for a couple of weeks

    Last hard day: Fri
    Last rest day: Thu
  • Well I did it. Turned into a 5 - 6 miler and it wasn't too bad. Is fartlek supposed to make you feel sick? Running fast and slow got better towards the end - maybe I was slowing down but also I think I was getting used to that slightly naueous/shaky feeling when you stop your speed burst and go back to normal speed.

    Is this right? Are speed sessions always unpleasant or do you get used to them?

    Oh and Tim, that wasn't constipation that was me gearing myself up to the challenge like some muscle bound mutation in a Marvel comic (not that I'm muscle bound but I might be considered a mutation...)Enjoy your lunch, what is it today ? DON'T ANSWER THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • What: 5 or 6 mile steady
    Why : first exercise since marathon
    Last hard : 29/09
    Last rest : all week

    Not looking forward to this ... in fact last night visa card hid under sofa as I ensured I would get my motivation back. Cant wait till my goodies come now... out in the old tights tonight though !!!
  • Nessie - Thanks for the tip, unfortunately I'm staying in a hotel tonight and that isn't a service they offer!

    Mike - Good luck with the race this Sunday, do you always do hard sessions so close to races?
  • Ironman,
    good call on joining a club, it is without a doubt the best thing I've ever done for my training.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Martin - if there is any body lotion in the hotel, use that - any massage is good - the lavender is just a bit better.

    I'm just back from the dentist, and, despite 3 injections, he couldn't get my mouth to freeze enough to pull the tooth out. So more antibiotics, but I will be able to run tonight. Hydrating is a bit of a problem at the moment though, as I only have half a tongue and am missing the right side of both lips.
  • DD, I think you can safely anticipate that your fartlek-induced nausea will improve as your body becomes accustomed to mobilising fuel for fast running spurts without dropping your blood sugar to an uncomfortable level.
  • Hi all. Yesterday's swim got dropped as my colleague had forgotten about it and by the time I caught up with her it was nearly the end of the lunchtime lane session. Also have caught a cold from the wretched freshers...another 2 weeks and it'll be fresher flu.

    V'rap, do lecturers count as 'key workers' to get a flu jab on the NHS?

    What: club run between 4 and 6 miles.
    Why: club night
    Last rest day: yesterday
    Last hard day: saturday's walk
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