Equinox 24hrs



  • Hi, if there's any team member slower than me, my ego would like to know about it. 

  • Grrr, still no frikkin edit function  image 

    Imagine a lovely big grin at end of previous post, and consider it a plea to be in 'Team Slow(est).

  • Just look and it's May long week off, I could be so tempted. Right on my door step too!

  • Its the Sept Equinox, Running Postie image 20/21 Sept. Details here www.equinox24.co.uk

    Lots of team entries coming in, will be great to see the pirates there.

  • so far including on twitter we have 9 'confirmed' attendees. i shall send something out today in regards the 'the proposed plan'

  • so anyone else want to send me there email details so i can include you on the list?

    Loads of folks on twitter seem up for it image

  • HI Budjude,  e-mailed you today with info you wanted.

  • your on the list image

  • Cheers Budjude  image

  • Anyone thought of any wonderful team names yet?

     Does anyone have a pirate tent? Surely that’s an essential piece of race day kit? Do I need to start a list……………………

  • image Due to the crazyiness I get up to when not racing I can get me hands on a number of tent's that can be used as base camp. Can even get hold of markee's or yut's but would change and don't think the organiser's would be to inpressed. If everyone brings there own kit will work out better but if anyone needs anything shout and will see what I can do.

  • markees? That sounds much more like it - will be the best place to have the rave.

  • image Yes rave errr these are not the driuds you are looking for.

  • Druids image *passes Cake the chocolate*

  • ooh will there be naked dancing too? isnt that what druids do?

  • or is it just me?

  • i think there will almost certaintly be naked dancing of some variety. image

  • Thing is you guys think that’s a spelling error. I sometimes get covered in hippies. If you want a marquee or something like that it can be done will probably be a charge through and I don’t think the race organisers will be to impressed. Taking a break from it this year with death and the family and stuff but I work voluntarily with a few charities/trust’s and have involvement with music festival’s so can easy get hold of tent’s for folks. Got about 3 at home for a start one if which would be perfect as a dropping off point on the loop’s and a cup of tea. I can get hold of a 60 foot circus tent if really needed but that would be a little flash. image

  • circus tent image

  • Seriously, at some point there is always an element of being naked. I have pirate bunting image

  • Oo oo... Chocolate! image

  • oh, reading all this is making me want to join in too! Not sure about the dates, but I can always come and support if not running

    so long as no-one tries to make me drink mulled wineimage happy to eat chocolate thoughimage

  • Ate chocolates last night all three of them - Neuhaus nom - now there is no more image

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Hmmm, all the cool stuff seems to happen in the Midlands...Need to speak to OH about moving...

    This does sound like good fun, is their going to be a snail's pace team?

  • well mikasa I am snail's pace....

    never heard of neuhaus chocolate - do I need to try them? I like really really dark chocolate (90%) best

  • mikasa wrote (see)

    Hmmm, all the cool stuff seems to happen in the Midlands...Need to speak to OH about moving...

    This does sound like good fun, is their going to be a snail's pace team?

    There is lots of cool stuff near you chuckles. image Go on 

  • teams can eb split on times if people want - athough i think we will be more interested in having a laugh, rather than winning

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Oh, I ain't about the winning...not with my times, but I'd think I'll be a bit fitter by September...

    MC - that sounds good.

    Cake - hmmm, hills...not my friends. Though thinking that it would be cool to mtb South Downs way rather than walk it. Just read an account some guys doing it in 1 day! That obviously isn't going to happen.

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