Salisbury Half

Tried to post this last night but the server was down. :o(

Anyway, I got in touch with the local running club for info about this race on 2.3.03 and this is what they said:

"The Imber Half is quite a tough race as it takes the road from Warminster up onto Salisbury Plain to the now deserted village of Imber.
It is an interesting race as it takes you along a route normally closed to the public as Imber is used for Army training. Because of this the route is only open to runners and marshalls so unfortunately there are no areas for spectators (but surely there must be along the road from Warminster? DD)
Having said all this we normally have in excess of 100 runners,many of whom return year on year as they enjoy the atmosphere (it is a very friendly race!) and to collect another mug which is the runners memento.
This year we have altered the route so that it is circular but in some places it becomes track rather than road.

Sounds very wierd, rather twilight zone (Imber is opened once a year so that old villagers can worship at the church) and absolutely perfect. It should be really easy to meet everyone with that size of field and I'll do some research into a good local pub for afters.

See you there!


  • Excellent work DD, thanks.
  • Daisy

    The course sounds interesting but as a beginner the small size seems a bit daunting. I can see all those nightmares about coming last coming true. I know someone has to come last :-) but I don't want the organisers to be packing up as I pass the post.
  • Don't worry, I'm a beginner too. With that hill I think I'll come in at about 2.15. With all the Forumites at the finish, (and we're all at different levels) you won't feel lonely.

    Come on, you know you want to!
  • Great work DD, I'll be signing up for this one. Sounds like a ghost town and expect tumble weed to be rolling through it and eerie music playing.

    When can entries start, do you know?
  • Thanks DD, you can count Badger and I in on that one....
  • If I can organise someway of getting back, I don't think I dare drive after a half, I'd love to have a go. I really enjoy being off road and hate running next to traffic. I may try and off load the Jumpets for the weekend and find a nice hotel with Mr Jump:-)
  • Sounds great. Well done, DD. If we make a Forum excursion of it, we'll probably double the numbers.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Can't see any entry info on their website although October is probably a bit premature for a March half. Have checked the diary & I'm free that day (like I've got a life or something....). Was planning on visiting the forum that day though
  • v-rap, it's already on the list 'place for us all to meet 3'
  • I've got the Club Secs phone no. so I'll ring her this evening and find out when entries can start and how you do it.

    Glad you all think it sounds as much fun as I do...
  • Nice one, we will all have to make sure we get in early so nobody gets left out
  • Good one Daisy
  • If you go to and put in the date it lists this race.

    There is a universal form linked to it so I assume that they will accept these, but better check with the organiser.

    I may try and do this but have to confess to being slightly aprehensive of "plodding" round very slowly. This will be my first/second half.

  • Fiona, I'll be the same... (doing my first one at the end of this month!!!) we'll all be there helping each other along..
  • Yeah, don't worry Fiona, maybe we should award a special Forumite prize - say a nice bottle of bubbly to the last one across the finishing line - that'll ease our embrassment! Whoever's last will get a lot of support from the faster members of the team I'm sure.
  • Can now run 4 miles.

    Have a long way (literally) to go!
  • DD

    Where does the race start from ie nearest town?
  • The race is organised by Warminster running club and it starts in or near Warminster itself.
  • Totally forgot to ring that Warminster woman tonight - sorry. Will try tomorrow.

    Yours in a mellow Chardonnayed sort of way... (amazing how many typos one makes after a glass or two)

    Sweet dreams.
  • Nice work DD, I'll probably be there but I'm not sure I like the sound of "up from Warminster onto Salisbury Plain". Then again, I suppose what goes up must come down - hmm that'd make a good song lyric....
  • I live locally and went to Imber when it was open last summer. The road out of Warminster goes through some army accommodation then quickly into private MOD land (hence no spectators). Then there was a long, fairly bleak drive along a concrete (?) road over the plain with the odd rusted out tank dotted about. We were expecting the SAS to appear at any moment and demand to know what we were doing there as no-one else was about and there was no indication of the open day.
    I don't think Imber itself was ever a picturesque village and the army have built a few breeze block houses here and there, presumably for running in and out of and waving their guns about.
    I can remember hills, but not much about their size...sorry!

    I might do it myself but it's a bit close to Bath on the 16th March.
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