Garmin 205 broken

Hi, my garmin 205 has finally broke, can't complain I've had it for about 5yrs

Im looking to replace it & would like a new one to have similar functions to the 205

i have noticed that some of the newer ones  give less info on the main screen 





  • Hi Karen did you get a new Garmin in the End? I thought my 205 was broken recently but managed to fix it with a few steps. If you have a new one then no worries, if not then let me know what the issue is and you may be able to use the same steps to fix the issue.

  • Hi chris, thanks for the reply, unfortunately 3 of the buttons have a fallen off, the only 1 that works is the on/off so am still able to use it, just haven will have to replace it  Have decided to get a 205, sweatshop have them on special offer and it seems to do virtually the same


  • You know that Garmin will take it back and give you a fully refurbished one for about £50 ?

  • No I didn't, thanks,

     will  contact them


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