After a great first race in 2013 we are now open for 2014 (20/21 Sept) for the second edition of the Equinox24 hr and 10k race at Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire.

All details and online entry is on www.equinox24.co.uk

Can be entered as solo or in teams of up to 8 people.

Check out our Facebook group to see what people are saying about the 2013 race https://www.facebook.com/groups/171497456376291/

Hope to see you there

The Racetime Events Team


  • Can you please do me a favour and just move it a week or two so it doesn't clash with ladybower image 

    cheers xxx

  • i wouldnt worry BT there seems to be plenty of 24 hour races popping up - they are the new 10kimage


  • Yeahimage even a 48 hour one image now that is insane. Need a lot of kebabs to keep going that long!

  • Sorry, bit stuck on our date with the event being called the Equinox. thought it would be really cool to run as close to 12hrs day and 12hrs night as poss.

  • image 

  • 48 hours isnt insane booktrunk - when you start looking at long distance triathlon it begins at insane and ends at utterly ridiculous

    the deca ironman - 10 days - one ironman per day or 10x swim 10x bike 10x run - known as a continous deca

    the double deca - the same but twenty days

    and now the triple dec - 30 days

    it kind of puts the 10 maras in 10 days in its rightful place image


  • I stand corrected image

  • so when you signing up for a deca thenimage


  • Can only just swim a length of a pool as long as it's only 1.5m deepimage

    My marathon today 3 weeks after my first ultra nearly killed me thanks image. Time for some nice park runs image

  • Oh 19m PB of course image (only feasible because I'm so slow). But getting there. 

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