Which half marathon in March

I would really like to have a half marathon to aim for in March. I live in SW London but have car will travel but not too far. My main options seem to be Reading, Hastings or Sailsbury. After the Windsor half I would quite like something on the flatter side.

As the places for these seem to go like hot cakes, I was going to Bath, I must choose soon.

Any advice comments etc appreciated.


  • Hi Josie.

    The Fleet Half Marathon is another good option. There was a thread recently about this on the events forum - I've just bounced it onto page one for you.

  • Thanks, Forgot about fleet:-)
  • Kingston Breakfast run is good and very flat - only I don't think it's a half! Either 8m or 16m only.
    About the 3rd week in March I think.
  • Ohmigosh SimonF - you don't look well at all! You've gone a nasty green colour.
  • I think someone said Bath is full already. Reading is easy to get to but not well organised,a few of us will do it. Salisbury is to be a meeting place for the URWFRC so you get a chance to meet us all
  • Murf - I think I've over training!
  • Don't worry Simon, I think the picture is very suitable for someone from the darkside
  • If your after a flat course avoid Hastings as there are a couple of big(ish) hills. Although these are in the 1st 5 miles then its either flat or down hill !
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Paddock Wood is relatively flat - it was just before Easter last year, though I don't know when it is in 03.
  • Gavo - i was also thinking of Paddock Wood, as it's only down the road from me, and as you say it is supposed to be nice and flat. It's also at an ideal time in preparation for the FLM - for those lucky enough to get in (i'm hoping).

    There's also the Tun Wells 1/2m which i think is in February, which i am also targeting, although it's a pretty tough course.
  • Thanks for all suggestions, May be I'll have to do 2 halfs in spring :-)
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