Ultrasport GPS Navrun 500 - Replacement HR Chest Strap?

Hello all

I lost the chest strap which came with my Ultrasport watch a couple of months ago (think its gone to the same Universe where the lost socks go. image)  Anyhoo I can't seem to find out how to get a replacement from Ultrasport. So I was wondering if any replacement chest strap would work - would I be able to 'pair' it with the Ultrasport?




  • My chest strap and UBS cable were part of luggage stolen from the train to Cardiff I was on a couple of months ago. My wife had bought me the Navsport 500 as a gift from Amazon, and I really liked using it, so I was disappointed when I found Amazon didn't stock the replacement parts.

    I contacted Amazon direct, and after a couple of false starts, they put me onto the Ultrasport website, and the contact details for there. It's a German company, a German site, and you get an auto-reply in German. But I've submitted a query to them. Their email address is: ervice.de@ultrasport.net]service.de@ultrasport.net

    The company website, if you're interested, is


    Good luck, and let me know if you manage to get your replacement!

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