Achilles tendinitis

I have a sore achilles which is fine after resting for a few days but flares up again as soon as I start running. What would be the best alternative activity. Would a stepper or cross trainer be ok until it recovers? And how best can I aid recovery?


  • Hi Kate,
    Having suffered your complaint recently but not being an expert on such matters I can only tell you how I have overcome this problem and back to doing my usual mileage. Firstly rest from running is really the best option, I finaly gave in and quit for a month. I done a bit of work on an elliptical trainer to keep some fitness, but I would advise not using a stepper as they can stress the injury unless you can keep your foot dead flat. also try not to stretch until all pain has gone. But the best thing that has worked for me is putting sorbathane heel lifts in my shoes, this has worked wonders for me,I can't say it will do the same for you but it maybe worth a try

  • Hi Kate, I would recommend seeing a podiatrist as us women have a natural tendency to pronate due to our wide hips (damn!). On top of that you may have a leg length discrepancy which will make it worse. My podiatrist absolutely hates air bags in running shoes...says they make an unstable foot even worse. Also, rest, don't use a stepper (bike is okay) or an elliptical trainer (my podiatrist's advice).

    By the way, I ignored the early warning signs and have suffered for a whole YEAR!
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