Running jacket or skins?

seems to be loads of skins for men, not much compression gear for women. Why? And can't decide in wind or rain or both, whether to brave it or invest in skins, thermals or a jacket ... surely jacket would be uncomfortable ... I'm a mid distance, half marathon  runner.  Anyhow got a bit chilly last year so would love some advice


  • I think Skins do the same range in both male & female

    Oh and neither last winter
  • I hate wearing anything other than shorts and a vest.. I trained today in no top just leggings on the windy cold Isle of Wight...Only this last month changed to a t shirt/long sleeve top (not thermal or compression) or a light jacket over the top in which I end up rolling up the sleeves...

    Not sure why less compression gear for women, Males need to man up maybe?..

    I would say thermals tend to over heat on longer run no matter how good they are your body will produce heat if your working


    As it gets colder - I will be going for a - slim tight legging (not thermal)

    1 layer and wind jacket I can fold up and carry easily if I have too...I detest wind and jacket is much better.. I will add a vest underneath if its chillier but gloves and skull cap work a treat for me and I'm anal about comfort whilst running (heat wise)

    I do roughly 5 miles as my longest run in the week though...


    Really down to personal pereference and experimenting..

    You could always try on a cold day wearing your regular gear (adding a layer and then a jacket - no more than £20) and see how you feel...if not swap the layer with compression gear (its more expensive as you'ev tried to easy option first)


    I dont want to keep blabbing but try think what you did last year when you got cold? Did anything work? Or did you not try anything and battle on? if you battled on I would defo try adding a simple layer..




    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Compression gear is really for wearing after excercise to speed up recovery. Its a bit pricey just to keep you warm.

    I prefer a couple of thin layers rather than ajacket. Though I have a karrimor one that cost about £10. I wore it a couple of times when it was very cold last winter, but strictly for easy running on sub zero days.

  • As far as I know - compression kit hasn't been proven effective ?

    If its cold - take a thin jacket with you.

    I've only worn rights in winter once or twice. My legs stay warm.

    I don't think skins are worth the price. There are cheaper options if you want compression.
  • I'm a running vergin so to speak, have been running since july and find all this interesting as I do seem to feel the cold. I have purchased a lightweight jacket, not waterproof and have already been running in a compression full sleeved top and another top above that. I'm doing betweeen 3 and 9 miles every other day and not knowing the roghts and wrongs would appreciate any comments...

  • Depends on goals Jason...

    Feeling comfy on a run is important. Feeling warm is fine as long as your comfortable..

    As for rights and wrongs there are so many! But always ask and plenty of threads available to answer what you might be thinking....



    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • I never wear jackets when running as always get too hot. Last winter I bought a helly Hansen base layer and this was great when the weather got sub zero. I either wore it on its own or with a tech t shirt on top. The material is quite thin but keeps you warm whilst still allowing your skin to breathe (my OH has other brand base layers for football and these seem to get too hot and sweaty). Would definitely recommend for cold weather running. I get cold hands (mild raynauds) so also need to wear gloves in the winter, otherwisey fingers stay white and numb for hours after long runs!
  • There are no rights and wrongs really Jason - just experiment and wear what feels comfortable to you. I often turn up at my running club in long sleeved T-shirt and shorts, but with serious gloves on, yet my mate turns up with leggings and several layers on top, but always has bare hands!

    A useful rule of thumb is that you should be a little chilly for the first mile or two.

    Personally I never wear a jacket when running - in my experience they just can't cope with the amount of condensation generated. I'd rather be wet with clean rain than my own sweat. I prefer to think about keeping the wind off, as the real danger of rain is getting cold in the wind, and for that I love my windproof gilet.

  • Thanks guys really helpful! Did 18k in the rain last night and that prompted the questionfew as it was quite warm, rain was really not an issue once I got used to it.  Think I'll invest in something wind proof instead ... Hopefully something glow in the dark, if I can find it.  Cheers!

  • Aldi currently have a good range in at low prices, including hi-viz gilets if that's what you're after.

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