Glow in the dark tops

Looking for good winter running tops that have great reflective, glow in dark quality, and as a cherry on top led embedded lights (though I guess they would need to be removable for washing purposes).  Just hated the whole hassle of arm attached led lights that slip down because they're meant for chunkier men's arms .... Take ages to put on, wasting time that I could be RUNNING!!!!!!  Any suggestions????


  • problem with them being in a top.apart from the hassle of having to take lights off every single run for the wash..if you get hot and tie them around your waist its not seen.....


     try the arm band around the neck like a collar if too big for your arm......if not just buy a small attachable light that you can attach easily to any clothing or bag etc


  • Just got reflective strips on my running gilet... Lights ? Nah
  • Just buy a cheap reflective tabard to go over kit. Very cheap and massive reflective bits.

    If you want LEDs Aldi and lidl do arm bands set of 4 for ??4 or so.
  • nike do a running jacket with pulsing EL pannels that light up really bright, its usually about £120 but its been on sale for like 35 quid for ages, which is pretty cheap for a decent jacket imo anyway, 

  • Marc, that sounded like a great jacket until I read you can only turn it on when it's 'completely' dry, it's rare there is no rain here in the Winter image

    Like cougie, I have a £4 reflective tabard - a bit like a builders one and lights up really well.


  • Ronhill used to do lights that velcro on to compatible jackets.  You could buy the light or some of those armbands and attach velcro yourself to your tops and the lights, problem solved and relatively cheap...

  • Proviz do some very nice stuff, I use some of they gear for cycling. 

  • Another fan of the reflective tabbards.

  • RedjeepRedjeep ✭✭✭

    How about pinning a fibre flare to your top ? They seem pretty good.

    I think some of the Ronhill Vizion range is designed to have lights attach to it. 

  • I use a small reflective bib (had to adapt it to fit me as they all seem to be enormous!), and also use a LED clip on strip of lights that I can adjust to stay on or flash etc to the back of the waist band  of whatever bottoms I'm wearing. I think they're designed for cyclists but its great! I also use a headtorch  it there's no street lights.....

    you can also get hand held lights specifically to run with not sure what they are called but I'm sure someone on here will know! image 

  • try a flashing LED (cheap) bike light and attach it/them to a water belt.  Job done.  Works fine in the country lanes, although you might look a bit of a ponce if you are running along a busy high street somewhere!image


  • You can get the tabards with built in LED's not sure how comfy they would be on long runs though.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Sweatshop have hi-viz snapbands in their sale at £2 a pop.

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