Running in Peurto del Carmen, Lanzarote


Does anyone know any good running routes around Peurto Del Carmen Lanzarote as I shall be going on holiday there in April 14 prior to Milton Keynes marathon, silly me didn't think that when I shall be there my training will be upped to about 48 miles for the week. It'll be great to get some warm weather train in prior to race day (doing it like a pro image)


i just oust wanted to know has anyone else done some good runs around the area of Peurto del Carmen, I am aware of Club La Santa but will be the other side of the island so probably won't go down too well with Mrs D & Kids if I clear off for the whole day.

Any areas I should definitely avoid? Also does anyone know how if we are allowed to travel with recovery protein in our hold luggage? Don't want to be accused of smuggling some more sinister!

Any tips on running in the area would be gratefully received 



  • Nick - there's the Ironman run course along the sea front - its on the Ironman Lanzarote website. But basically down to the sea front, turn left and keep running for 7 odd miles, turn round - rise and repeat! Obviously flat, but quite scenic

  • Nick - can't help you re the protein on board, as I don't need it for my distance, and my carry on is just full with my trainers and running clothes!

    However, we've just booked today to go to Los Pocillos (which is just above you) at the end of November as there's the Lanzarote Marathon festival on Sunday 08 December, and I'm hoping to do the half marathon.

    It starts at the far end of Costa Teguise and runs down the coast, past the airport path and down to where you are. Have a look on their web page, as there's several events on the day and a little video showing some clips. Not quite clear on whether out & back routes and mileage on there. I'll be entering shortly before we go so will have fuller detail when I do this.

    However, we're back a couple of days after the event, and if you want to PM me then I will email over to you everything I've got showing clearer detail, routes and mileage from my Garmin if it helps you plan for next year.

    Also, we've been to Costa Teguise before and it's good for runners, have been running in Playa Blanca, and a friend of mine who visits PDC regularly says she sees loads of runners along promenade going up to airport as it's a good flat run, so I don't think you'll be short of decent runs to keep up that mileage!


  • Many Thanks peeps, having now had a good old look on walkjogrun it appears there are some great runs along the sea front, a touch anxious about running within spitting distance of the airport runway! I scare easily!

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