Garmin 10 run/walk feature, can it be used for intervals not walking please?


I am new to running but can now manage 5km.  I only have one pace but believe it would help me to add a little simple interval training into my run to help with this. 

The basic Garmin 10 has a run walk feature that allows a time up to 10 minutes to be input so as a beginner you can run then walk then run again etc.

I am wondering if this feature could be used for a steady pace then a quicker pace instead of actually walking Or whether as it is a GPS it will not work as it knows your running all the time.

Does anyone own a Garmin 10 that can tell me if I could do simple intervals such as 5 mins steady pace then 1 minute faster then back to the 5 steady.

Thank you in advance. 


  • Hi Lisa - I don't have a Garmin 10 (I have a 910) but I don't see why you couldn't use it to do intervals - I assume this feature uses time and not the GPA signal.

    One bit of advice, I would make your faster bit the longer of the two - so run fast(ish) for maybe 4 minutes, then walk/jog for 1 minute.

    Good luck

  • Thanks yes that makes sense going a bit slower for the shorter time, just gives you that sense of a breather. Thank you.

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