• Certainly does look interesting, thanks for sharing... Havent read it but soon will have!

  • Another one on my list, i need to read faster image

  • Any other books anyone can recommend?

  • Didn't Holgs have a bash at writing one  ??   image

  • He did two... Read them both. Really enjoyed them too... In fact it's how I found out about the pirates! image
  • Don Fink " Iron Fit & "Triathletes Bible" by Joe Friel both good reads.

  • Thanks Razor, both good books indeed, but another two i have already ticked off the list... Im thinking of following on of Finks programs actually next year, had any success with them by any chance?

  • I think most people tend to follow the Fink plan ...

  • Cheers M...eldy! Thats just what i wanted to hearimage

  • My favourite Ironman book (Holg's volumes excepted of course) was Iron War.  Couldn't put it down!

  • TheBanksy, Iron War is great, although some of it is questioned.  Holgs' books are brilliant, especially as I'm a zombie in the second one image  I followed the Fink plan, it's really good and got me through (even though, no, didn't follow it to the letter ... a plan is just a plan, after all).  Becoming an Ironman is good too, lots of IM stories.  

  • I got totally bored with Joe Friel's training book, then was given the other one as a birthday present. Far too technical. FFS just swim a bit, run a bit and bike a lot.

    Holgs books are proper inspiration. Great bloke.

  • image thats the plan i follow!

  • IronScribe just started reason the book that you originally posted and it had me laughing out loud on the tube... Anyone who gets the tube in rush hour knows that silence is paramount and it's fair to say I got a few strange/evil looks on the way to work this morning
  • for those slightly more experienced i've been reading the following

    some good stuff in there and more being added each week.

    i'm not looking to qualify any more but i would like to be up there until the run starts......

  • Not Normal Behaviour by Stuart Staples is a great book - I read it when I first started in triathlon.

    Oh and thanks for the old feedback, much appreciated image

  • No problem holgs! Thanks for the recommendation, certainly havent read that one. Will look into it. Cheers!image

  • Holgs' books got me into lycra too, great books, also Not normal behaviour is a goodun, I prefer reading about peoples experiences for inspiration rather than the more technical ones

    Not an Ironman book but I'm just reading Sean Kelly's Autobiography, I'm only 4 chapters in but its a great read, a real insight, he was a hero of mine when I was a nipper watching the milk race and the tour in the early hours on Sunday mornings.

  • +1 for Iron War.  Read it on holiday this year.

    I read it immediately after having read Ironholgs' 2nd book.

    Both great books, in different ways.

  • I've read both ironholgs books and I also read his blog. I'm a bit disappointed in the way people slag someone off for 1 writing two great,funny,touching and all inspirational books .

    2 for bringing triathlon down to the normal bloke like me who needed picking up after a shit time in my life .

    Mr holgate you can hold your head high .

    I you measure his profit by inspiration he is a wealthy man. Thanks for writings for the fun of it and forget the empty heads who have never met you .
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