Please sir, can i become a pirate!

Ahoy there mateys!

After a long time of stalking these fair old lands i figured it was time for me to finally say hello and official (try) and become a yellow clad pirate and get a yellow pirate sticker by my name!

My name is George, im 24 and currently live in London.

Im in my second year of triathlons.

Last year i completed in sprints, olys and a half in which i managed 5 hrs 45 mins with two punctures image...

Next year i am currently entered for the Outlaw half and IM Frankfurt (which i hope helps me to qualify as a pirate???)

Anyways i just wanted to say hello and hopefully see some of you around... Is there anything particular i should know?




  • Evening Banksy, welcome aboard!  Don't be shy just pile in on any of the threads that take your interest.  There are a few young Pirates these days.  Some of the lady Pirates need the fresh blood!!  image  Just beware of the witches coven, eh?!!  image

    If you want kit, you're a bit late this year, for next years kit.  But there's that much of it about I'm sure someone can lend you something when you really need it.  

    Schmunks will post a new kit order thread soon enough, but she's probably busy with the current one.  

    Quite a few Pirates London way too.  There should be a London Christmas Social being organised soon, so get your name on that list and come along.  

    You've got a daft name already so you're nearly there!  image

  • Yes indeed there are a few young piratey types in London who I am sure will be more than willing to lead you astray!

    Welcome to the dark side!

  • Hi...24 isn't that young is it.   I believe the majority act much younger than that image

  • I win! Im only 23. I wonder if that makes me the youngest pirate?(well when i get my colours anyway) image

  • Ahhh damn I only just turned 24 as well!

    Thank you for the warm welcome everyone!!!

    I cannot wait to order my first bit of kit, but does that mean I wont be able to order any kit for the following year? If so I suppose ill have to resort to begging, borrowing (hopefully) and stealing… Or will there be chance later on, in the new year or something?

    I will try and be as active as possible on the forums… Will certainly try to watch out for that witches oven, i can imagine it can get quite nasty :P

  • You've just met the head Witch riding her horse cos her broom in in for a service image


  • Oh god... Should i be scared???image

  • Nahh she's a pussy cat really
    Welcome and enjoy the ships company image

  • Hi Banksy

    Another 'young' (compared to the rest of the dead wood on here), London(ish) based pirate here, training for IM France next year as well as some other things.

    Training starts in a couple of weeks or so for me, so may be looking for winter riding company if you fancy some.


  • image Banky just don't go drinking with him as well you will love but also he will brake you. image

  • Cake are you speaking from experience?? I will be careful... i promise image

  • You do something once, and suddently you get a reputation for it!! image

    Don't listen to him Banksy!! image

  • Actually Cake, I think its the other way round - we broke GB image But its not our fault these youngsters can handle the booze! image

    Welcome Banksy

  • Good point mate I through boots liked being broken through? I saw it once on some toliet walls. image

  • Hi Banksy

    Welcome hope you enjoy being aboard..  wont see you next year as i am doing the Bala Mid Distance early June then IM France end of june..then thats my year done and i go back to being a beer monster.... Enjoy..

  • Hi Banksy. Another in London here. GB and I will probably be going on a fair few rides over the coming months - this is news to him. Welcome to join us. Can either ride at my pace which is steady, or GB's pace which is fast but you can only get 3/4s of the way home. image

  • image but you do get to meet some nice paramedics image

    Engineer - if you're coming out to play Surrey way, give us a shout

  • Thanks again for the warm welcome everyone, will post on the facebook in a little bit as well, so if you fancy saying hello again im sure i can give you a cheeky little stalk image Engineer and GB That sounds great if i could head out with you guys sometime... Despite living in London for a year now (ok only really 6 months as i was away with work) I dont really have many bike routes and anything beats a job on the trainer! Where do you guys normally go?

  • I'd say they normally go to the pub (then hospital for a stomach-pumping if you're GB image), but i'm sure they can take you out for a proper ride (oo-er) too image 


  • I think GB heads down to the pub!!  image

  • waahhheeyyyyy. We're all a bunch of jokers here aren't we!!! image


    Surrey rides usually... though saying that I've been out of the country for over a year now. Engineer I fancy some riding once I've found a place to live and bought my bike back down from the parents. Let's see where I end up living!

  • "Actually Cake, I think its the other way round - we broke GB image But its not our fault these youngsters can handle the booze! image"


    They say just getting to the start of an Ironman is the hardest part..... Those people obviously havent just finished 7 or 8 pints in the pub with some vodka shots to follow have they!

  • I'm liking the sound of this so called "ride" already image

  • Good, now that the Bromance is established, get yourselves all entered into the Vit - entries open now, and it'll sell out quickly.  You'll all have plenty of recovery time from Nice/Frankfurt to do this in August image

  • Boots there was those nice shnapp's as well. image  

  • how can I forget!

    Banksy where abouts in London are you?

  • Im in tooting bec, what about you GB?

  • Well currently i'm in India, but moving back on Saturday, then I have no idea! Have been looking at Tooting Bec though tbh, or Clapham... but somewhere in the vicinity

  • Ahhh cool, its pretty cool round here, lots going on... In terms of training its also pretty handy having obviously with the tooting bec/clapham commons for niceish runs and there is also tooting bec lido which is like 97??? meters long, for some outdoor/open water swimming practice

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