Please sir, can i become a pirate!



  • What are you doing in India? 

  • having agreat year by the look of all the brilliant piccies.image

  • He's drinking his weight in Indian beer, albeit he doesn't weigh that muchimage

  • But that's ok because he can't handle his beer!! image

  • hehehehe

  • Don't listen to them... I am doing a serious job with absolutely no time spent on having fun or partying* at all





    *not quite true

  • image Dude your back this weekend? I hope your are going to get up to some mischief soon I've miss ya. If you fancy visiting the family when your back you might be interested in this? image

  • That does look a lot of fun Cakey!! Are you entering?

    Yes I'm flying back through the night tomorrow. Unfortunately I'm back oop norf the weekend before that race for the Arctic Monkeys gig and for a quick whip round the family, so won't be able to join in.

  • Going to play at it ex canue instructor so for once I might be out of the water first. imageimage

    If you manage to get your passport stamped up north twice in a month go on you know you want to. imageimage

  • im in north east london - but thats an hour away from tooting.

    where's the christmass social his year?

  • image Sheffield!!! image

  • Banksy - I'm moving to Clapham next week!! Not too far?

    Probably start training with Clapham Chasers as well in a week or two

  • GB thats not far at all! 

    Kept meaning to start training with the chasers but never got round to it... This might just be the perfect excuse image

  • Well give me a couple of weeks and I will start... will be quite close to Battersea and see they do Monday night intervals at the track there.


    Will also be cycling from 2 weeks time if you want to get out

  • sounds like a plan

  • Am hoping to get back to some after work Richmond Park rides again next year which ain't THAT far from Clapham. Also hoping to rattle up a Surrey ride again out the other side of winter geared at draggy climbs for the 2014 IMF brigade. Extra fodder welcome.  

  • There's no proper draggy climbs in Surrey!! image

  • Peaslake up to Holmbury St Mary Eng, Leith and Ranmore are a bit draggy too. OK, not mile upon mile draggy but draggy-ish. Best we have, anyways.

  • Hows the move going GB?

  • All done, settled in to a new place about 5 minutes walk from Clapham Common... didn't have many possessions as they are all in storage. Getting my road bike this weekend though so will be cycling from next week image

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