Garmin Forerunner 620

Anyone heard anything?  It has mid-Dec on Amazon site.  Nothing on garmin site except information and videos.  I have heard US release to stores may be 25 Oct, hope so as I am there and would like a new one so why not get this?



  • Isn't it a sweatshop exclusive for he first couple of months?

  • 2 month exclusive to one shop?  That smacks of arrogance on Garmin's behalf. 

    Forcing your potential customers to buy from one outlet is not, in my opinion, good customer service.    And it's not like Garmin is without competition nowadays.

  • ... if Frogbmth's belief is true, of course!

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Just wait a couple of months. It's not the end of the world.

  • I am in US soon that's why I was wondering so I could try and pick one up CHEEP!

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I was told in Sweatshop that they expect them in stock at the end of this month. I guess the US might be a bit ahead of us. They won't want to miss the Christmas rush so I'd bet that November by the latest is when they'll come to market.

  • Meeeee want! interestingly as a member here we get the 15% is it off their shop. Which by the look of it is just Sweatshop with a RW badge in the corner... So wonder how soon it will be available on there.....

  • Sweatshop had the exclusive on the 910XT when it was released here.

  • The Sweatshop deals normally exclude products such as electronic items and energy food etc.... image

  • According to this months RW issue which arrived this morning, the FR220 and 620 are on sale from 1st November, exclusive to sweatshop (for the time being)
  • How do I justify buying one ......image ( cannot really justify it in any way ).

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Yup, Sweatshop's website says they're in from 1 Nov.

    Tempted. Sorely tempted. My 305 has served me well but I have been a good boy and I feel I deserve a 220-shaped treat.

  • BT, sometimes you just deserve a treat and you have to say "Sod the justification!" which is exactly what I'm going to do image

  • matty: Yes. I did that with my Salomon rucksack as it was very cheap at only £94.50 instead of £150... a week ago... Can always tell my oh to stop moaning and let him wrap it all up again on Xmas eve so he can give it to me as my xmas pressieimage

  • Early adopters = suckers image

  • I've recently bought a 610 as I didn't realise the 620 was coming out. I got it cheap through a friend who works for large chain so not bothered but must say that whilst the 620 has some nice features, if you can hang on for a bit and pick up a 610 for a discounted price I would. 

    The 620 screen is slicker and it will have pre-loaded GPS positions but other than that it doesn't offer much more. 

    As for the discounts at SW or RW, Anne Solley is correct - electronics are always excluded because the margins on them are rubbish and because most manufacturers won't allow discounting on new models.

    Steve Rand 7 may also have a point about early adoption. I obviously got a 610 recently and it's worked a treat but reading the online forums makes pretty grim reading when it first came out a few years ago. It took a number of firmware updates over the first year to sort out all the gremlins.


  • that;s ok if it's crap I could look a complete pratt and run with a 610 on one wrist, and the 620 on the other imageimage

  • booktrunk wrote (see)

    that;s ok if it's crap I could look a complete pratt and run with a 610 on one wrist, and the 620 on the other imageimage

    Ha ha! I regularly look like this with my mobile phones - my personal is an iPhone and work one is Blackberry. Regularly people look at me funny....image

  • Grin, yeah I know what you mean. I'm sometimes carrying two iphones around, plus an ipad, and a macbook pro.... I can look quite sad.. Especially when your stuck somewhere using your phone to tether your laptop image at least i don't take my laptop in a rucksack when running image I've used the live tracking with the garmin app on marathons before, and it's been quite fun for friends following me. So would be cool to do that but also have the HR etc...

  • I have a Garmin 610 and, while it gives me no pleasure in saying it, wouldn't buy another.
    The satellite connection is very slow, I've had to get the HRM replaced and now the watch is so corroded the watch itself needs replacing. The corrosion problem is apparently well known to Garmin (they changed the metal back to plastic) but despite that, they want me to go weeks waiting for a replacement.
    All within less than a year of ownership, which is not good enough for a premium unit.
    I would expect the 620 to be better but even so, Garmin won't be seeing any of my cash again.

  • the 620 downloads satellite data if you sync it weekly so should be cert quick locking on. But, I always just out the watch (610) on activate it then get changed. By the time I leave my house it either has locked on, or only has 1 bar to go, never had to walk further than 100m to lock on.

  • The big difference for me would be the built-in wi-fi sync, finally bringing the ability to upload activities whilst at work or on holiday without relying on laptops, Wahoo Fitness keys or flaky Android support.

  • Unfortunately it looks like the SweatShop isn't going to be selling the 620 or 220 tomorrow.  I noticed they'd taken the advert off of their website,  I'm thinking about getting the 220.... so sent them an email querying it,  response below.....


    " Thank you for your email. 

    In response to your query, I can confirm that we are indeed launching the Garmin FR220  and 620. Unfortunately, the date has not been confirmed for tomorrow, so it will either be on Monday or Tuesday.


    The IT department have advised to check the website for updates.


    Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this.


    Kindest regards,



    Sweatshop Customer Service "


    Few more days to wait guys.



  • @Tripler I had very similar reliability issues as an early adopter of the 610. My replacement model (about 14 months later) was obviously an incremental update on the first. I've had no issues with it and think it's probably the best running watch I've ever had. So however exciting the 620 looks I'm giving it at least 6 months before upgrading.

    Does sound good though. There is a detailed first look on dcrainmaker
  • I've decided I'm getting a 220, the question is when. Bit concerning to see delivery glitches at the outset. Given that, I'm minded to wait a couple of months. Off to read the manual now (change the 6 for a 2 in booktrunk's link).

    Can't say I'm bothered about the fancy recovery adviser, bounce calculator etc in the 620, or by the touchscreen. The 220 will do just nicely.

  • I suppose I  should just buy a cadence sensor for the 610 especially as I want an iPad mini image sigh! Hehe we shall see.

  • DC Rainmaker's in-depth review is up now, if you have half a day's reading time available image

  • Called the local sweatshop near me and they're not expting delivery til the end of the week now or next week! They said it was sent by Garmin on Sunday.

    Anyone else had any better luck? So much for the 1st November release!

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