Where is the big up for Gordon Ramsey and his 14 hour effort?

Cmon deep down your all proud of him LOL!




  • have to admit happy for him to finish and at the same time glad he did not do sub 12.. just for him to boast a IM is easy etc..

  • I think that is a pretty decent time for his first full distance - he's no lightweight is he ?
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Just to finish Kona in that heat was impressive enough!

  • Finishing Kona is impressive, yes.

    Boasting on twitter the day before, about having to suffer for 12 hours (a 2 hour 40) underestimation, is classic Ramsey cockiness so I'm glad (hope) he was humbled by the experience, even if only temporarily.

    Receiving a pass to take part, without first qualifying, p*ssed me off.

  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    Just googled it and ended up on the Daily Heil website. Some of the comments are truly priceless.

  • someone on Tripetalk posted this:

    "Before I met him, i thought he was a bit of a %^&% tbh, mainly due to his TV shows

    I met him at bike check in on Fri, and I said good luck to him, as I did most people around me. He stopped and chatted for about 5 mins, he was polite, very down to earth, and was not what I expected.

    Then when he was coming up Palani drive with 10 miles done and obviously struggling, my 8 yo son had a sign saying "One day you will see me run down here, you are living my dream", when he saw the sign he crossed the road ruffled Ollie's hair, winked and said to him "you will".

    I now believe that he has created a character, which he knows makes money, and he certainly came across as decent.

    I am/was in a similar position on how I got to Kona via a lottery place, and I can't believe some of the negativity I have received. Maybe I should have said "No thank you, I'll pass on the chance to go to compete in the World Champs because a few jumped up pricks don't like it"!   "

    so in summary - you can't please all of the people all of the time.

    I didn't get pissed off that he got a celeb slot - after all WTC is a money making machine and anyway they can increase the brand image, they will do so - this year it was Ramsey's turn, last year it was an Indycar driver - did anyone over here complain about that?  no.  Ramsey has marketability in the US and that's what counts for WTC - they don't really give much thought to what people in Europe think.  Kona is their race and they can do what they want with it.

    fair do's to Ramsey, he finished - many didn't.  it's still tough doing an IM - he deserves credit for giving it a go and finishing as much as anyone else does.

    so, I now hope that everyone - Ramsey included - shuts the fuck up about it and normal life carries on.  which it won't.....image

  • Nayan, I've seen the same article.  One photo is marked "Race to the finish: Gordon crosses the finishing line in the running phase".  The photo shows him heading through T2, with his f*cking helmet on!

    God bless the Daily Mail.


  • What ever you think of him, he finished Kona in 14hrs ish, that's impressive.
    I also don't have any moans about him doing Kona, it's the organisers decision to give out celeb slots, he took one and made the most of it, fair enough.

  • Let me re-phrase "p*ssed off" ... "made me very jealous".

    I understand the motives of WTC and Gordon Ramsay and faced with the same dilemma, hell yes I'd take the slot but I'd sure as hell feel guilty that I'd taken the space from someone who probably deserved it more.

    In future, I hope they give better consideration to the celeb slots and elect instead someone (female) whose beach body we want to see plastered all over t'internet pre-race:

    P.S.  FB, I'd bet you a KitKat his PR machine hasn't overlooked the opportunity to use the odd mainstream internet forum for some positive spin.  Just a thought.

  • Cant say i like him, cant say i hate him, but fair play he finished it... And in a somewhat respectable time. I am massively jealous of him tbh! Dont really mind that he didnt have to qualify, i know if the WTC offered me a position i would never of turned it down

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    I like Gordon Ramsey. And it's not exactly his fault that he got offered a place. I can see how it might be frustrating to some proper athletes that a celeb has gotten a place without qualifying but at least he has put the training in an finished in a very respectable time. Why are people always so jealous of others luck or achievements? 

  • Because it's going to cost me 10 more Ironman entry fees (approx. £5k) and therefore at least another 120 hours of Ironman suffering before I even make it to start line in Kona.

    Best regards,

    A. Bitter-Man

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Seeing as he did a respectable time then I've nothing against him.

    Could anyone honestly say that if they were offered a place that they would turn it down.

    What does tend to get people's backs up is when people off that Essex programme or Jade Goody get given a VLM place, don't do any training and then have to walk round or drop out.
  • What is going on with Gordons belly button though? Has he had surgery to tuck all his skin in?



  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    I agree Millsy, but Gordon's not a pointless celeb, he's actually worked hard to build his business and make it a success.

    Proven Robbie - I do feel for you. I'm never going to be there so it doesn't really affect me and I just find it inspring.

    Mr A - yeah, looks pretty weird doesn't it?

  • "I understand the motives of WTC and Gordon Ramsay and faced with the same dilemma, hell yes I'd take the slot but I'd sure as hell feel guilty that I'd taken the space from someone who probably deserved it more."

    the celeb/lottery/CEO/legacy etc slots are in addition to qualifiers - no qualifier slots were taken away for these people

    and yes - no doubt the Ramsey PR machine will be spinning nicely now - I doubt we have heard the last of his Kona venture yet.    I suspect a few TV interviews will be pending when he gets back to the UK.   I know where the off button is......image

  • Jonathon Ross next week image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I've met Gordan around Richmond Park and I thought he'd be a right pillock but he's one of the nicest friendliest guys I've met whilst running. He didnt have an ounce of arrogance and seemed quite down to earth.

  • Emmy - If my career was television based and thus ratings dependant ..... I would probably be nice to my 'fans' as well .... just saying .......

    Because the problem you've got here is that if he is as nice as you say then that must mean:

    a) Hes lying on TV about his character and he's not really like that, which means he's made something up about himself and is basically faking it. And if he can fake nastiness with the people he works with, he can probably fake niceness with the 'fans' he meets on the street.

    b) That if he is genuine, then he really does think that overcooking some broccolli was worthy of yelling and embarrassing someone in a crowded restaurant. Does that sound like a man thats all there?


  • A mate of mine was a chef and knew him - he said he was a genuinely nice bloke and great to work for.

    I think the shouty persona for TV shows has worked well for him ?
  • good luck to him he uses his profile to raise a lot of money for charity nobody seemscto moan when he runs VLM each yearimage 14 hours is OK although i thought he would be a bit quicker as hes got acfair running backgound any body who was such an arse in real life as his on screen persona probably woulnt give a feck about raisingvmoney for charitiesimage

  • Have you noticed he only does American TV now. Thats because Americans lap up that shouty schtik .....

    Like how Ramsay who can cook a bit is now somehow an expert on Hotel management LOL.



  • I much prefer that woman with the curly hair and the interesting way of dresssing sorting out hotels. Whats her name again ?
  • alex pollizi (or something like that, her last name sounds like how Europeans would say police)


  • apparently those to fat geordie food warmers with the motobikes have blagged a free entry into the Deca IM thats it i am writing to my MPimage

  • What does tend to get people's backs up is when people off that Essex programme or Jade Goody get given a VLM place, don't do any training and then have to walk round or drop out.

    Jade Goody got a Golden Bond place and, as far as I know, reached her fundraising target, so she was no better or worse than anyone else who did the same thing.

  • That's the one ! Cheers Mr A !
  • poor old Jade a tragic case of someone who fame did no favours RIP

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I do like Alex Polizzi. She's like matron but with swearing.

     Mr A - I honestly don't have a clue. After meeting him I presumed it was all a persona (like the baddie from other tv shows - they're not a baddy in real life) as he couldn't have been a nicer more encouraging guy to run a little with.

  • I can confirm that Gordon is a lovely bloke! He accidentally knocked me flying at Schipol Airport a few years ago and he was ver apologetic, picked me up and insisted on carrying my bag to my gate and asked lots of questions about me rather than talking about himself.


    Im pleased he did well at Kona as from what I did get him to talk about was his mara training and it was clear he takes that seriously so I'm sure he treated IM with the same respect.

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