Where is the big up for Gordon Ramsey and his 14 hour effort?



  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Hairy Bikers are doing IM? No way!!! Is this seriously true?

  • As i live and breatheimage

  • He isn't really nasty on TV is he?   He swears a lot but that's just self depracating - he knows people arelaughing at him.  Coming fom Glasgow and playing a bit of football he's probably just grown up with banter being quite close to the bone.   

     Anyway looking at the qualifying times anyone who trains seriously should be able to make them so he's not taken a place of some deserving soul.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Where did you find this out? I think Si could do ok but I think Dave will be a disaster, like he is on Strictly. Good on them though, I do admire people who take on a challenge as I'm too scared to...

  • FFS they are all jumping on the boat Hugh Fernly Whittinwhatsit has blagged a Norseman placeimage

  • Hmm chefs all becoming tri-athletes, perhaps the food on offer at aid stations will improve? I think celebrity chefs are allowed to have the same MLC as the rest of us image

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Ainsley Harriot has got a place in Western States.
  • I think big Ainsley will go well if he lays off the Proffiterolesimage

  • Delia Smith will be doing Enduroman next image

    Seriously though. Glad he finished and looked like he puked at the end lol. If you look at his marathon he clearly suffered.

    I know a chef who worked with him who will tell you he's a great bloke with a short temper in the kitchen. Most chefs are like that from what I've seen image

  • Pops I think you have to train very seriously to qualify for Kona but he got a celeb place so nobody lost out. Unless someone from Towie missed out that is.
  • Can't say I like him much  but Ramsey's no worse than Marco Pierre White when he was the chef in Hell's Kitchen, I'm sure most chefs get mad when people screw things up in the kitchen. Fair do's to Ramsey, he obviously trained for Kona, you can't just blag it.

  • Fairly sure pretty much all of the Hell's Kitchen is staged, possibly to keep TV viewers tuning in image

  • That's my point, as others have said, Ramsey's actually not the nasty bit of work he acts as.

  • Hey

    If I was given a slot withno qualification piece I would definitely take it and would enjoy every minute of theunique experience.  Good on him and bloody well done to get round that's pretty strong.

    He also is a pretty decent celeb as well, he did a piece with the Navy that made me respect him a bit more and I rather like the outspoken swearing stuff.  Let's face it there are many worse.

    Finally can anyone say they would turnshown that slot????

  • I would - for the same reasons I would turn down a roll down slot (unless the reasons for a roll down were because somebody had qualified elsewhere), but that's just personal preference, and obviously much easier said than done

  • I would love to go to Kona but no matter how hard i train i am not in the ballpark i would deffo take a place for the do 10 and you are in as i think thats a good idea to reward us mere mortals who have the commitment but not the talent and for Kona i think they should bin the lottery and put all those places on the 10+ not got a problem with celeb spots as they raise the profile of the sport we got a brit 2, 3 on the womens podium and not a mention although Gordon got some positive coverage for the sport in the nationals

  • I also would love to go but  never qualified and am no longer able to run a marathon after my hip implant last year. So now I'm setting my sights on a 70.3 instead. Who knows, by the time I'm 80 I might be able to get an AG place, can't imagine there'll be many rivals for it! There are very few women over 60 racing in triathlon.

  • "There are very few women over 60 racing in triathlon."

    I wouldn't say very few - just fewer.  when P did the Worlds last month there were over 40 competing the 60-64 a/g.  but it's true that it's easier for the older females to qualify than males - winning time in M60-64 this year was 10:19 ffs!!  I'll stay retired.....image

    and oldest female finisher at Kona this year was 78 - she even crashed on the bike but completed just inside cut-off 

  • To be honest I swear a lot more at a lot less than him, he just does on telly, whereas I do it at the telly. At least he has a track record of marathon finishes under his belt, could have been worse, a lot worse.

  • Kk I had similar experience in my youth, being the filling in a "chef sandwich" on one occasion. Being  a KP was the lowest of the low, we never saw tips even when specifically meant for the people who wash up.  

  • "being the filling in a "chef sandwich""

    TMI image

  • FB - for worlds maybe, but I'm talking about general racing, I did 3 sprints and 3 Olys this season and only had competition in one of them. I'll go up into W65 on 1 January.

  • I want to be on it Kk but fear I am too foul mouthed.


    off to watch Hens Behaving Badly.

  • My Facebook feed will be my comments on tonight's show.

  • We'll that bamboozled everyone.

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