British Age Grouper in top 10 overall at Kona!

Big congrats to Catherine Faux, who placed 10th fastest of all the women at Kona, including the pros. Age group win and fastest Female age group racer. Mega achievement!


  • Wow! That is great.

  • Hats off... Great achievement!
  • Also friend of a forumite (not me, someone else)


  • I know her coach quite well and she is cock a hoop with Catherine's result. Did you know, it was also the fastest time ever for a female age grouper! Well done Catherine

  • Didn't she win Outlaw a couple of years ago?  the year before Mel won? 

    Anyway, that's a great result for her.  I wonder if she regrets not being with the pros, the prize money would have been nice...

  • I dont even know who she is and Im happy for her.


  • Mellifera, IM Champion 2014 image

  • "Didn't she win Outlaw a couple of years ago?  the year before Mel won? "

    she did - in her 1st IM distance race. so her talent was becoming apparent then.

    she was also 4th overall female at IM France this year

    I suspect that Team Freespeed will be losing her to the pro ranks though now

  • Wonderful time, many congrats.

    By no means a thread hijack but an open question having seen one of the GB Pro racers tweet that the age groupers (direct quote) "get to draft on the bike", is that really the case?

  • Strictly speaking no, ID, drafting is banned for age groupers too.  In practice though, the greater numbers of age groupers means that minor infrigements are more likely to be overlooked, and it's less likely that you'll get caught even if you're blatantly drafting because there'll be more officials (and cameras, in the case of Kona) looking at the pros.

  • Fair points CD and no doubt something I'll not need to worry about image

  • they disqualify lots of people in each ironman for get a warning and then out.......if the motorbike people catch you then you are out.........which is why its good to train on your own as well as in a group or you will not be used to doing the full distance under your own steam......image

  • "Our 4 Pirates did extremely well also, with 2 10-hr finishes, a 13 and a 14. An achievement in itself just to finish."

    Not a pirate, but an honourablemention to padams from over on the sub-3 thread who finished in 9:30 or so. 

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