Advice on 10k

I have been slowly building up to running a 10k which I completed yesterday in 65 mins. Hurray.

It was muddy and wet and cold, and the paths were slippy. Also I think I probably set off too slow because I felt great by km 8 and overtook loads of people in the last mile.

I would really like to enter the leeds abbey dash (a bit flatter, hopefully not as wet although who knows!) now to try and get under an hour, but its 5 weeks away and I'm wondering if this is a good idea or if I should just carry on training and wait for next springs races?

Any advice or ideas?


  • It's up to you, how tired do you feel? It's 5 weeks no guarantees it won't be wet then image but a week to recover and then keep your training going almost maybe repeat the end of your last plan but slightly up the speeds if you can and see how that goes, and with the experience you now have, you can try running it slightly differently, and then settle down for some general winter training in preperation for next Spring.

  • Thanks for your post.

    I feel great, my abs are a little sore (?!) but my legs are fine.

    I don't think its the wet so much as a lot of the race I did just now was on grass or mud, so I spent a fair bit of it trying not to fall over. Or queuing to get past other people.

    Just kicking myself a little today for not pushing more until the last bit.

    I like your idea of doing last 4 weeks of training again. I just don't know if I'm being over enthusiastic.

  • I'd just go for it. You might not get sub 60 - but you might get 62 ?

    You might well do it.

    The one sure thing is that if you don't enter - you won't improve.
  • Kathy, was it the Sheffield Ten Ten Ten by any chance? I did it yesterday and it was definitely muddy, wet and cold!

    If it was then don't worry about your time, you'll definitely do it quicker on the flat. I ran it yesterday 3 minutes slower than my 10k PB which was flat and on roads. 3 minutes off your time plus 5 weeks of training should bring you under an hour. Plus Leeds Abbey Dash is supposed to be quick.

  • Yes Alex it was! How did you get on?

    Spent a good 15 mins lying in bed listening to the rain on the window thinking...what am I doing with my life...before getting up to face it! I'm pleased I did, I enjoyed it, actually quite a fun route. Did not like that slippery slope although I got a surprise to find my brother in law stewarding at the top, so that was nice.

    OK thanks for the encouragement I think I'm gonna just do it.

  • Good thanks. 50:29, which was 5 minutes quicker that last year! Really enjoyed it though, despite all the mud. Yeah the steep slope wasn't fun, especially on the second lap after it had been churned up. Luckily I didn't fall flat on my face.

    Also, I did the same thing as you the first time I ran it. Ran too conservatively at the start and realised I had loads left for the last few km's but by then it was too late to make up much time. Learnt my lesson this year and ran hard from the start. At least you'll know for next year! Good luck at the Abbey Dash.

  • Hey all, Well done for completing in 65mins Kathy. im thinking about signing up for the Edinburgh 10k in May next year (31 weeks) the problem is my friends are going to do it with me and i really need to beat them ... do you think its possible to run a sub 45 to beat my fastest friend?

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