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  • oh yes, lots of cell formulas. My biggest problem is if I see a new monthly pace record I try to keep it up rather than concentrate more on my HR (am HADDing theses days).


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    Cadence is the number of footsteps per minute...  Given that and the distance I can calculate my average stride length.  Cadence is important because many coaches consider having at least 180 footsteps per minute to be one element of good form.  When I started running I couldn't imagine going more than 5K...  I've now done a HM and am thinking of stepping up to a Marathon, and who knows from there...  So pigs may indeed fly image

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    Andi McGill 2 wrote (see)

    oh yes, lots of cell formulas. My biggest problem is if I see a new monthly pace record I try to keep it up rather than concentrate more on my HR (am HADDing theses days).


    I know what you mean...  I like to see a progression image

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    Andi -- I also have columns for Ranked Average Cadence, Ranked Average Speed, etc so I can easily see how any one run compares to all the others image

  • You guys are fuelling my excell addiction! It appears I have cel knowledge but not the running knowledge!!

    so how do you calculate your cadence.....that's got to be a watch fact...I'm sure I don't have the concentration to count that!!

  • Watto, I use a footpod with my Garmin. In 'proper' shoes I average 162spm and in my bikilas it goes up to 180spm naturaly image

    I don't currently record it on my ss but have it my Garmin raining Centre if I need it.

  • An add on for Garmin's tie it to your shoes and it measures your footfal. image not expensive, have to check if it works with your Garmin 

    you should see what the 220/620 do with their new HRM plus band. 

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    I've got a Garmin FR60 and a footpod so, yes, the watch tracks the number of footsteps for me...  The watch also calculates the cadence but I still have that as a calculated column in my spreadsheet so that I'm not dependant on my current watch and footpod, I could use any old pedometer.

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    booktrunk -- I'm quite interested in the 220/620 because I understand that they use the HRM to count the footsteps...  Is that correct?  I do have a HRM strap but can't be bothered to put it on...  If it was also counting the footsteps for me though I think I'd be prepared to make the effort...  I could then ditch the footpod; handy if I wanted to go barefoot image

  • Off to check out garmin accessories and comparability!! 

  • Nope not compatable image

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    WR -- You could get a pedometer and then have a calculated column in your spreadsheet for Average Cadence...  That obviously wouldn't give you the realtime feedback but...  You could get an electronic metronome and set that to 180 (or value of your choice) bpm to help you keep a steady cadence whilst out on a run.

  • I have an app somewhere where I can calibrate the footpod to get a more accurate pedometer reading, useful when different shoes/training type and even terrain produce a different cadence.

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    I'd be interested in that app Andi, can you tell me more about it?

  • What watch do you have? it appears to be watch specific but it's all here.

  • Gym today and did interval training on the treadmill...switching between 6km per hour and 9.5km per hour ....holy cr4p it felt fast but managed to run it steady for the minute each time!!

    loved the workout though and sweated my life away!!  Then a mix of squats, lunges, jumping squats, jumping lunges, planks and sit ups!

    running round the park tomorrow and then I think it will be gym work later in the week as my friend can't make another day and I don't really have the confidence to go on my own at the moment!

    pedometer investigations are now underway...I'm going to send you guys my credit card bil!!

  • Evening all. I've been lurking on some other threads and have been so inspired (Booktrunk your journey is amazing!) and have stumbled across this thread today, I hope you don't mind me joining! image

    I'm fairly new to running too, and tomorrow I'm starting week 8 of a 'zero to 10k' app, ready for a 5k next month and a 10k in December. The plan has me run/walking (80:20) at the moment and I am managing just over 4 miles in just under an hour, but I am just concentrating on distance for now, speed can wait! I also have a place in the Brighton marathon in April, which may not be so realistic. I will train for it anyway but it may have to be deferred.

    Anyway, I'm just looking for somewhere to keep myself accountable and heading towards my goals, and to follow the journeys of others too. My next run is tomorrow morning, hoping this 'storm' isn't as bad as they've predicted!

  • Tank driver yes it includes a cadence sensor and also some weird shit about body oscillation and how king you are in contact with the ground? Might need 620 for all the stats. Some look gimmicky but it does look fun

  • Hi Nicola image that sounds fantastic, well done. 

  • Hi Nicola,  doesnt sound liek you are going slow to me....and it can only get faster!!

    Brighton marathon sounds very soon but your idea of training for it and seeing how you are getting on nearer the time sounds a good one. 

    I too am hoping the storm isnt too bad in the west midlands on Monday pm.  I am due to run then aswell.  I am undecided what to do with regards to the speed to set my pacer at, on Saturday i jogged a mile in 14.16 whilst my asics training plan is still not even due to start me jogging until mid december, and then it is on a pace of 15.43mile/min.  I am tempted to change the pacer to 14.30 mile/min and then see how i get on.  Last week is was doing a mile in around 15.30 so i dont want to push too much that i fail, but also feel like i need to improve a little each time i run or i will only stay the same ability. 

    having said that i am pretty tired from session at the gym yesterday...all the squats and lunges and tricep excersises have taken there toll on me!!

    decisions decisions!!!!!!!!

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    NS -- Congrats on reaching week 8 of the "0 to 10K" app...  I think you're right to focus on distance at the moment, speed will come in time...  My advice would be to focus on good running form as I think it'll be easier to do that from the start rather than to go back and "fix" it later...  I'm no mathematician but I calculate that if you are doing 4 miles now with a 10% increase in distance each week should see you upto Marathon distance by the end of March 2014...  Good luck and don't forget to come back and let us know how you get on image

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    booktrunk -- The 620 sounds like a lot of fun even if it is a bit gimmicky...  My only problem with it is that it's sooooo expensive image  Oh!  I hadn't before realised that you were such an inspirational figure...  Perhaps RW should have you write an article for the mag image

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    WR -- I'd be interested in the results of your research into pedometers for running as I have a cheap GPS watch and I'd be interested in getting one to use with that.

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    Andi McGill 2 wrote (see)

    What watch do you have? it appears to be watch specific but it's all here.

    Thanks...  I have the FR60, which isn't supported...  I've got a cheap GPS watch though so perhaps I could calibrate it against that.

  • WattoRunner You should at some point update the plan on the asics site as when you did it, did you put you could not run for 20 minutes ? or whatever as your starting level, it might be worth taking a guesstimate at what sort of speed you could do 5 or 10k in December and put that in, and then see if the times etc... stay the same.

  • TankDriver: hehe the editor would have to work overtime. i know that my grammer is awful! I promise you i'm not an inspirational figure, I'm so not image I'm more a poster girl for how not to do things. You to can do this..... or if you had any sense you'd eat sensibly and exercise and not get as bad as I did image

  • I was thinking that Booktrunk and yes you are right I did select I could not run for 20mins.  I was thinking of waiting until I can do the 5 k mark without walking (i did more than 5K on saturday but it was partial walking a cool down between first mile jog and 2nd!) and then redo my asics plan. 

    I think at the moment the enthusiasm is keeping me pushing for more even when I am not sure what more is, however I do like targets and numbers that are set out to work to so the sooner I can get the plan to be in line with what i can do the better.

    I think a target would be 5k non stop running (who am i kidding...jogging!!) by xmas would be great.  The park I run at is where the parkrun's take place so think if I could do one before Christmas that would be great and would set me an official PB!

    I also need to build up my confidence so I would run on the roads around where i live instead of just around the park.  The park is nice and flat for now but i know at some point I will have to build in hills image!!!!

  • TankDriver - I shall resume research this week...i got sidetracked when looking over the weekend with new runnning clothes!!! I am a woman afterall...clothes shopping is what i was born to do!!!!!!

  • Running in winter is hard. Last winter was my first, so at the weekends i could go where I wanted but the weeknights were all dependent on being able to see paths etc... So I had a 1m route that was completely covered by streetlights, and in the week I just ran that same route, some times i ran it one way round other times the other, even swapping part way through on long runs... I hate that little 1m route, but I might go back to it in the weekday nights image

    I have a shiny headtorch now, so might be a bit more adventuous but hey it's well lit and safe, common sense says stick to what you know, and at worse I get bored silly running the same 1m route 6 or 7 times in a row.  It's got a very short but steep ramp in it which is good image

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