Tour of Pembs Cycle

Any fellow Pirates planning coming down my way for this cracking bike ride 26 April.Well worth a spin if you have not done it before 107 mile ride 9k Feet of climbing a lot of it on coastal roads with great views..??? Great warm up for the season..



  • Ooh.... That sounds good! 

  • I am in for the 100 miler ! Looking forward to it. 

  • MandMsMandMs ✭✭✭

    Looks like a nice ride in preparation for IM France and just two ekes after the diy half

  • MandMsMandMs ✭✭✭



  • I like the idea of doing this. I just need to check dates. I love Pembroke 

  • can people please stop posting about calenderf is filling up too quickly image


  • Zakalwe-Outlaw will be doing this as well its a good tour and good IM prep for the coming year.  See you there!

  • Wow We will have good Pirate turn out looks like... to have a great day in Sunny Pembrokeshire...

  • I'm in, looks great!

  • its the day after my birthday...would mean no heavy drinming if I have a long drinve down there in the morning.and only coming back off holidays on my birthday.......its not fair I tell you

  • Oooooooh, I'm in image just signed up for the century. That'll get me on the turbo over the winter image

  • Richards,  Nice one you wont regret it its a cracker!!  nothing like this to get youre Mojo back..

  • Interesting ... does any of this course cover any parts of the IM Wales route? 

  • ewen...not at part is shared.....

    but if you want to do the ironman bike course look for the activity wales weekend as their sportive is the ironman course

  • Thanks for the info, i did look at the activity Wales weekend but it is the week before Ironman Uk so it is a no go for me. I'm sure others on the forums will be doing Reece rides next year so I'll try to tag along for one of those. Thanks
  • Ewen


    give me a shout when you planning to ride down Pembs as i live 20mins from Coarse.

  • They got fagotts in the feed stations. That will get rid of wheel suckers. 

  • I'm in as well. Early start for me, as travelling down in the morning. Birthday the day before so need to spend with the family.

    Fingers crossed weather is good, otherwise could be a long day.
  • Mtri.... birthday the day before you don't need to come to my birthday tea honest image

  • And likewise ...

  • Well, I hope its drier than today's little jaunt. Fecking drenched image

  • does anyone know the address of where we're starting from and start times etc. I haven't received any info on this and can't find it on the web site.

  • Never mind. Found it. Just looked at the course profile, looks a bit bumpy image. Am crap on hills (and the flats). Are we all in for the 100? Seren, u doing this? Fancy a lift, car share?

  • I'm in for the 100. Not done more than 70 this year yet so it's going to hurt. Yes a lot of vertical bits.
  • Saintb. The info was emailed yesterday. If u inbox me you're email I will send you a copy
  • It's ok, I didn't see the hyperlink. But found all the details now. Thanks.

  • I'm in for the 100, 80 is the furthest so far so it'll be a challenge. Be good to get such a long and hilly ride in so early in the season. Wye Valley Warrior the weekend after.
  • I'm in for the 100 as well going to be a very tough but challenging day out will be good to meet up with so many other pirates. Further so far is 90 on the White Horse Challenge. I actually best book somewhere to sleep on the Friday. 

  • Oh my ecky thump, probably the hardest thing I have done in a very long time. Nearly jacked it at 70 miles, going through the old "what the feck do u think your playing at, you're fecking sheet at swimming, running and cycling, why not sell all the kit and waste your weekends up the pub getting sheet faced, that's it, I'm selling the fecking lot". But I got around, and popped my century cherry. Chuffed to bits now. 

    Nice to speak to Ironscribe and uncharted waters, and another that the older pirates would know, Pebbles. Shame I didn't meet Mtri or timebikes. Next time.

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