Can't fix a puncture???

quite quite staggering ability - and he's doing no different to what an able bodied person should be doing, just with a few slight difficulties

chapeau Hector!!  


  • That's bloody amazing


  • Wow.

  • image I can't do that within half a hour and I've got both hands. image

    As they would say about ACE rimmer What a guy!! image

  • Impressive skill image

  • I could fix a puncture when I was 7. Why would you pay anyone to fix a bike? it's not rocket science.

  • ...amazing, is there any excuse for not donig anything after watching guys like these

  • I struggle to do one.i can but i'm usuallyt close to tears....what dexterity.........I loved watching how he got his bike shoes back on image


  • Very condescending to suggest that a disabled person is "amazing" for doing something that able bodied people can do. I bet the guy in the video would be puking at the comments on this thread.

  • I don't think it's condescending at all, it is amazing what he's doing.  Many people with two hands find changing a tube troublesome.  Hats off to the guy for not letting his disability dictate what he can and can't do.

  • SR why? Its impressive as hell and totally inspiring to me how someone can overcome adversity

  • Well I started watching the video not noticing he had a disability but wondered why he took his shoes off.
    Then the penny dropped, I liked the way he used his teeth to help get the tyre on. I struggle sometimes with a puncture as my hands/wrists can be  painful and weak.

  • I have both hands, and couldn't change a tube that fast. 

    I'm very impressed with the dexterity of his toes! image

  • Bloody hell if you played that backwards i couldn't do what he does - put a helmet on, put shoes on, pack a small bag, all without using hands.

    I wouldn't pat him on the back, that probably is condescending but i'd raise a glass to him.

  • Yep, I'm sure that the guy in the video, who happens to be the same person who uploaded it to get the message out there that people CAN do these things would be annoyed at the reaction. Geez. He's a motivational speaker who also happens to be an Ironman, somehow doubt he's the sort to moan about people being impressed by something seemingly simple that he can despite having major barriers in his way.

    As everyone else has said, amazing. And not just the fact he can get it done, but the amount of effort that must have gone into getting to the point of being able to do it, can imagine there was a lot of frustration on the way.

  • bloody hell. Fantastic!

  • Bloody hell... That is seriously impressive! 

  • I wonder how he wipes his arse?

  • Really impressive! !!
  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    Durhambiker, yep agree with you about the amount of frustration that he most probably went through to learn how to, dof my perverbial hat to him. 

    SR, be nice. He has accomplished something that must have taken a lot of effort to get to. whatever it is, whether able bodied or not, to dedicate to doing something hard and achieving it is to be congratulated.

    Jelly Bean, there are times when I really wish I didn't think in pictures image

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Hells teeth, thats a pretty strong effort there.  Honestly if the bloke in the video saw the comments here he would probably feel appreciated not insulted, that took some serious skill and showing some appreciation of that is well deserved.  Might have to address my puncture drills as they seem a little shabby in comparison!

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