Helwith Bridge duathlon

Second try, may pos t it in small chunks as this damm computer has just ditched it !

This was my second forray into the murky world of the non swimmers and the first one ended equal last at the inaugural Humber bridge dualthon in 2009, maybe it's a bridge thing?

Standing still in my pirate hoodie I looked much like everyone else , indeed didn't even feel old, but I had a sneaking suspicion that my confident relaxed demeanour stemmed from the fact that coming last is something I have experience in , I mean why worry?  Those looking nervous were hear to win and just prior to the start and indeed during the briefing athletes raced up and down the horizon in the manner of every sailing event you ever saw with the aim of arriving on the start line at 140 bpm as the gun goes off.



  • Part 2

    Briefing was succinct and ended in quiet applause, everyone was wearing gloves.

    I had racked my bike on the end of a row to ensure it was there on my return, and walking to the start it swung merrily in the gale behind me.

    About 70 people set off, and in 300m I was actually last,  jogging up the road and off through the fields. There followed a very scenic 4 miles ending back at a single still swinging bike. Excellent support from the organsers saw me set off in hot pusuit of the field , the back end of which was only a few minutes ahead. It took ages to catch the first one,( dealing with a slipped chain) and another 15 miles to get a few more. The route was a left hand swing around Ingleborough on good roads and the section with the wind saw 43mph on the odometer.

  • part 3

    i hate this computer,    anyway the last run was dreadful and I realised that not really doing any running is no longer an option, couldn't manage a jog , walked quite a bit and generally suffered for my poor level of fitness since finishing the Outlaw this year and embarking on beer and Pizza as a sort of hobby, it really does sneek up on you, imageimage.

    This was a great event , very friendly and I will be doing it next year , hopefully with some pirate support.

    It gave me a wake up call that if I wish to continue to do these events I cannot rely on a good swim and an average bike, AND HAVE TO START SOME RUN TRAINING, a little and often will be the mantra, and see if the knee pain can be conquered.

    ps I was second to last , although I have no idea where he came from and how many time he had to rebuild the bike........onward and upwardimage

  • Last place went to the guy who missed one of the HUGE "LEFT TURN" signs and ended up in Settle (WTF? image) hence he got the last place prize of a travel case! image

  • sorry we missed the prize giving , but the cramped room came up against two seats by the fire and a pint. no contest! I feel I can claim my proper place at lastimage

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