Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to SNOOP
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Everyone cheer!!!


  • Happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday dear Grandad...
    Happy Birthday to you!
  • Thank you Foxy, Thank you Jon.

    ..another year nearer pension time, when you lot will then be grinding out the daytime hours, whilst I'm off playing bowls and getting free bus rides.
  • Happy birthday to you
    May your Foxy stay true
    Happy birthday dear Snoop Dog
  • Aw shucks!
  • did you get that Scalectrix?
  • Happy Birthday Snoop.
  • Oh, yeah. I think we should all get together to sort out your present.... what would you like?????
  • Thanks Mr B. Got a CD player for my motor, so I can play all my Dr Dre, and awaiting family prezzies tonite before we go to Pizza Hut in Orpington, then Rocky Horror Show in Bromley.
  • You've already given me a present I'll never forget Foxy.
  • Did you get the AK I sent in the post? I hope I put on enough stamps
  • Happy Birthday Snoop. Are you 'good for your age yet' ?

    And ace piccy Jon - remember - you aren't fat - just big-boned !
  • Cougie, is it my eyes or have you gone bllurry?
  • shut your ******* face uncle ******
  • Snoop, I presume it was the Ice Cream factory that lured you to Pizza Hut... yum yum
  • yeah - Foxy - I now run soooooo fast I am just a blur. And it's not just been done photoshoppy to protect my ID ! Honest guv !

    And what's Bllurry anyway - you aren't going all Welsh on us too are you ?

    And Jon - 'scr*w you guys - I'm Outta here !'

    (eek - trying not to get Cazzed !)
  • well Cougie - the other half has always reckoned I've been good for my age, and who am I to argue... and don't be shy - we've all seen your pic on the Tower Bridge.

    you speak from exxperience Foxx - yes, the ice cream factory IS the main draw at Pizza Hut - have to do a 10 miler tomorrow to work it all off.
  • Snoop,
    Yes, regular PH person (well, the cubs like it.... honest!)

    Cougie, it was the blurr effect not welsh!!! (no offence to you Simon) couldn't do welsh in a northern accent anyway!!
  • They're all eating big fat cream cakes in my office - I can send you mine Snoop.... I'll pop a candle on the top first!
  • Happy birthday Snoop, you old dog, you!
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