Shakespeare Raceway Half Marathon

Me - first one!


  • Yep, I'm in! Finished the Leicester half marathon on Sunday, with a new PB 1:57:35 - only my 3rd since beginning running in January this year. Hoping for a new PB again on the flat surface at this venue image

  • I ran this last year and set a PB.  It's not a very exciting course and after 4 laps it does become a little boring but it is flat and if the wind is light then it has PB potential for sure.  I ran a 1.42 and the following day ran the Gosport Half in 1.48.

  • Yeah, thought it might get somewhat boring but worth it for the experience if nothing else. Certainly won't manage such a fast time as you Daz!

  • Not looking forward to the 4 laps at all!
  • I ran Birmingham last week and it was awful,. I'm 57 now and had hoped to get under two hours but was 2-04. It was so undulating and I couldn't handle it. However, that's why I'm looking for this flat one.


    By the way, does anybody know how I would get to the race from centre of Stratford?

  • I'm going to do it as long as the wife hasn't given birth by then, due on November 27th.

    Done my first half in Peterborough last week in 1:42, way quicker than what I thought I was capable of. Will be happy with that again! 

  • I'm considering the 10K

  • Hi NatB

    I ran this last year, and no you weren't allowed headphones (not sure why thou?)

    As other post say - it is very flat. I did PB last year 2:00:29 - really hoping for sub 2 this year!

  • To answer a couple of questions earlier in the thread.

    I've checked with the organisers and they will be allowing people to wear headphones this year.

    The venue is on the Campden Road on the SW side of Stratford. .

    Great place for a pb if the weather is good!

  • According to the latest RW email, there are 140 of us running the half. Looking forward to it. Hope the weather improves though!!

  • I'm inimage no where near the speed of you lot! 

    However very excited as its a forum meet up from the working At It Slowly thread. Quite a few of us doing the 5, 10, half or supporting then staying over for dinner & beerimage

    See you there!


  • Sorry Scott, only just seen your reply.

    Yeah I got absolutely drenched but loved every minute of it! The wife forgot her umbrella though!

    Still no sign of the baby, hopefully will see you there...
  • If the worst thing about this flat, PB-potential course is that it's *boring*, I'm in too!

    Can anyone who ran it last year comment on the accuracy of the distance of the HM? I have seen a comment about the 10k being possibly 400m long but would be interested to hear about the half. Cheers!

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    well if the 10k is 400m long the half will be 800m long and the 5k would be 200m long!!

    I have run the 10k and 5k there. The 10k i knocked nearly a minute off my then pb. If it were 400m long, at my pace then that would have been nearly 2 minutes. Additionally the difficulty rating of the course on run britain was 0.2 which suggests it was nearly perfect. They would not get a certificate of accuracy and ukA licence for a 10k that was over by that amount.

  • Im doing this race as well. I have run it a few times. Scott I normally do not run with music on races, however I may on this one. There is not much of an atomsphere to be honest. Not unless it has changed, but there was never much of a crowd when I ran it in the past.

  • Did this earlier this year. It is flat and good chance of a pb. The hardest thing for me was the fact it was 4 laps of the same seemed to last forever. You also keep doubling back to the centre of the course so u can see how far the people in front have pulled away!!
  • Hi Everyone! Joanna from Raceways here...

    Just to confirm that we have had the course remeasured recently and it is completely accurate. Make sure you take the tightest lines possible if you want a fast time because it makes a lot of difference over 4 laps. I'm going to put up a more detailed course map on facebook today so check that out. 

    Also we now have over 750 entries!! So we are only offering 50 'on the day' entrants based on a first come first served basis plus on the day entrants won't get medals. So if you know anyone who is considering racing make sure they enter online before Thursday to garuntee a place!

    Look forward to seeing you on Saturday


  • Cool thanks Joanna. Whats the facebook page please?

  • Can anyone tell me what this is like for spectators please? Wifey is heavily pregnant, might need somewhere for her to sit down! Also, will she get a good view of the course from the start?

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    There next to the start line a kind of mini benched grandstand so seating would be available. The course goes off in a loop and if I recall correctly the first third of the loop is behind and away from the start so unlikely to see much from there. Obviously with a three mile loop at its furthest point its about 2.5k away from start so will need decent eye sight to monitor you all the way. 

  • Thanks, as long as she can sit down that's the main thing. Better look up the nearest maternity ward incase her waters break...
  • Yeah there is plenty of space for her to sit-down. May need to take a brolly though as I don’t think its sheltered from what I remember. It’s quite a good viewing point as you will run right past the seats, 4 times as well. Good Luck

  • How did we all do then?

    1:37:48 for me, my 2nd half so quite pleased with that. Beat what I done at Peterborough by just under 5 minutes, shocked myself!

    Met a few nice people before, during & after. Course might be boring as some people day but I enjoyed it!
  • Did the half marathon yesterday.  I ran with no headphones and although there was little crowd support and the course is quite dull, I quite enjoyed it as there were no unexpected surprises!  Would be a good run to do with someone to make it more enjoyable.  The fast and flat course meant that I managed to knock nearly 3 minutes off my PB as well so I'm happy!

  • Had a great time! As a non-exercising 41 yr old who only started running two months ago I decided to do the 5K as my first race. I was a bit apprehensive before arriving as it was not a charity event and expected a bunch of serious runners. All seemed friendly and chatting on the way round the course. Well impressed with the time 26.27 for my first outing although I doubt I'll find a flatter course anywhere else. I've definitely got the bug!

    Will be back in March for the 10K once I've got some extra miles in my legs!

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    scot- whats 'having a stop' and how did that stop you running it?

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Did you only tell her on the morning or something?!! seems mildly harsh.

    Nevermind, once you have recovered from the injury caused by the thumb violently crashing down on to your cranium, there will no doubt be another run to doimage

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Yeah my wife thinks I race too much but then we do have two young children. What is too much though? I think by end of year I will have done circa 20 races. 

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