Well lets start this life again :)

Lost 7 stone since march and now i'm book for my first ever sprint next year, start the matter of the Paris marathon to smash.....ultimate goal Outlaw in 2015 image  any tips on how to get it done!!! 

Just brought my first road bike image 


Happy , Happy , Happy 


  • Hi EFHH,  welcome and congratulations on the weight loss, that's a fantastic achievement.

    If you train towards your sprint by doing the distances in your training so you gain the confidence of completing them you'll be going in the right direction.

    Hows your swiming?, also get on the bike as much as poss and slowly build up your distances. Your marathon training will look after you running.

    You'll get loads of help encouragement and advice from the Pirates image

  • 7 stone! Very well done, can't have been easy. IM will be a walk in the park by comparison and you clearly have the determination and commitment necessary.


  • Hi EFHH, congratulations on the weight loss! Thats an amazing achievement... Since your new here is suppose that means i am no longer the nobbie about here image oh well! You will really love it on board everyone is really friendly and im really enjoying it and i only signed up on sunday!!

    In regards to your question when is your sprint? If like me you like to have something to follow or to start from i would recommend one of the free programs from beginnertriathlete (am i allowed to speak of another forum here?!?) 

    Like JPGoodboy asked what is your swimming like also?

    I only started training last year and it is scarily addictive and in my first year i did sprints, olympic and a half, next year doing my first IM... Before starting i could barely run for 5 mins without being knackered and could only swim breast stroke!!

    Good luck!

  • Good effort  image

  • Hi image

  • 7 Stone!!!!!

    Hell of an achievement EFHH!

    Sounds to me like you've got all the determination you'll need... just get training image

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • 7 stone! Gaun yersel! image

    Welcome aboard. 

  • Hi,

    Well done on the weight loss 7 stone is an amazing effort and you should be very happy, I know from personal experience how much determination it takes.

    In terms of training for your first long distance I found having a build up of events over the year really helped me. I put a mixture of events for the different discpline in at key points as I build up to Ironman UK.

    You have plenty of time till 2015 but get some sprint events in and build up to olympic this year and even a flat half (might be worth considering the Cotswold Classic Flat Middle Distance)  

    Swimming was the big one for me as I had never done freestyle so I did some 1-1 sessions and build up my technique and signed up to some swim only events to build up my confidence. This time of year is perfect to focus on your swimming in the pool and when seasons starts you will get the benefits.

    Contact me if I can help with anything.


  • Welcome, big congrats on the weight loss, and you'll love triathlon ... once you finish your first you'll be hooked.

    I'd say get used to running a bit straight off the bike.  Then build distances, and get some serious hours on the bike.  Most of all .... enjoy it! 

  • I'd also recommend Be Iron Fit by Don Fink, a great book with some useful training plans for iron distance racing.

  • Hi thats a hell of a weightloss there are usually some ironman training threads running from around January when everyone dtarts gearing their training up again have a dip in those its a good insight to what stuff is involved basically if you have the willpower and commit wholeheartedly to the training you dhould have no trouble cracking an Ironman

  • Thank you all for posting and giving me some great advice. 

    Really looking forward to my new found hobby and the bike arrives tomorrow. I'm like a kid at Christmas lol 

    I've ordered the Don Fink book so i'll give that a good read.

    Got an Half marathon in the US in two weeks, when i get back i'm going to start Tri training while i'm doing my marathon training. I don't think it will be to much!!

  • Well done with the weight loss and good luck with all those races.
  • Hi everyone, been on holiday and running on my holiday is a new thing for me image I love it. Sunday will be my first Half marathon. (I'm a global athlete now image )

    Before i left i purchased my bike and will be getting the miles in when i get back. 

    Does anyone have any good tips for turbo training?? 

  • Get a fan.

    And towels to protect your bike.

    And a TV.

    And the entire West Wing Box set.

    And Sufferfest videos for when you want to hurt yourself as you build strength.

    And if you geek out to numbers, have a look at trainerroad.com which I think is great, but it's far from necessary.

    To be honest, if it's your first bike and you are newish to riding, first thing is to get a bike fit done properly, not just some Halfrauds nonsense,

    Re the turbo sessions, personally I'd start real easy and focus on technique (no stomping, try to make smooth circles) and cadence (easy gear, spinning at 90prm+) and stay in the endurance, fat burning zone for the winter. Plenty of time to work on power. If you came from any sort of explosive power background (rugby etc), it feels easier to mash a big gear slowly, but if you want to keep going for 6+ hours, and then run, spinning a smaller gear, faster is widely considered more efficient and kinder to your muscles.


    PS - belated welcomes & chapeau on your loss!

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