Wetsuit for under £130

I'm looking at buying my first wetsuit for triathlon and have £130 to spend. Any recommendations?


  • GraemeKGraemeK ✭✭✭

    I picked up an ex hire one from Tri UK for £50. It didn't have mark on it, I was amazed. They do them new for £100.

  • Lomo in Glasgow do a Tri Wetsuit for around £100

  • Fit is paramount. Try a few makes and sizes on if you can.
  • Where are you based Jamie ?

  • Cool, thanks everyone. JPGoodboy, I'm in Leighton Buzzard near Milton Keynes.

  • What Cougie said,. image

  • fit is everything,  strange but mine seems to shrink in the wadrobe over the winter


  • I saw a good one online and posted the linky, but got a negative response on the forum...they are out there at a good price...

  • I've got an Orca S4 at about that price and am really happy with it image


  • BudjudeBudjude ✭✭✭

    I have a hand me down hole riddled blue seventy now - its a major squeeze to get into as its a M/L and my old surfing wetsuit i used this year is an XL. But it was only £20 from a club mate and it does feel completly different to the one and only suit i have used so far.

    Think this may somewhat knacker my impressive record of T1 and T2 times next year - or i could just do the bike and run in it.

  • Worth trying on a few in-store this is a good time of year to be getting on as most places are selling them off before the new season.  

  • That's what I was thinking Ewen, most places will probably be selling off their 2013 season suits so I'm hoping I can pick up a bargain somewhere. I'll check the Orca S4 out as well Chilliboy70 thanks. 

  • Thanks Flob.

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