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e.g. I started running 6 months ago and did my first half marathon last weekend in 1 hour 10 minutes. Can anyone tell me if this is any good? What can I do to improve? What's everybody else's best times?

Such a bore. Can we have these outlawed, somehow? You can tell when someone generally wants advice and when someone pretends to be modest while 'accidentally' throwing in their race time they are desperate to tell people they have never met before.....



  • I think the mods have enough trouble dealing with the spam.

    I'm all for free speech myself - make ridiculous claims if you like but be prepared to take the flak!

  • Don't let your run time put you off, just stick with it and you will see your times come down, you've only been at it 6 monthsimage

  • There are a number of threads i wish i had the power to pull.........but i think I'm resticted to passports ,free sports tv and escorts......image

  • take no notice of the screaming witch above and join a running club, I'm sure you have talent

    I'm not a witch, I'm a vampire.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    i was thinking exactly the same whilst doing a recover run from my sub 15min 5k from the weekend.  im 65 yrs old but have no idea if 14.55 is good for age.   i am looking to buy some proper running shoes, probably red ones as my plimsoles are wearing through a bit. 

  • I think you should change what you are doing Dean and retrain the forefront will run so much faster and never have an injury ever again.........even protects you from the 49 bus

  • The thing is with the question of, is 1 hour 10 min good for a half marathon is you would no it's good as you would been pretty far up the field and probably crossing the finishing line with a lot of people behind you, so it answers is's self.

  • jus - but I may be superior to them behind me, both athletically and by virtue that I wear a flashier t-shirt, so can we please analyse whether really, my 1 hour 10 is that good.

    I ran 10k in under 35 minutes the other day so it just doesnt tie in....

  • That's a fairly good time for a beginner. How do you attach your number, I find using n normal safety pins leaves holes in my t-shirt. 

  • but Tim its ok as long as you scrunched your number up first.......

    Nine Duece.did you scrunch your number up before pinning it on as this on its own can save you 4 minutes off your time......

    running in unwashed clothes saves you another 3 mins........

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    also you get a faster time if you stop when your garmin says 13.1m.   because thats a half marathon and most courses are long....dont be fooled into geting a slower time because lazy incompetant race directors havent measured the course correctly.  So your 1.10 is probably more like 1.08.

  • Apart from the London Half Marathon which is the only proper half marathon as it's longer than all the other half marathons at 26.2 miles. 

  • It's two half marathons placed end to end.

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    It also depends on whether you ran the 1h10 with an ipod. If so then it perhaps is only really worth a 1h12.

  • MadbeeMadbee ✭✭✭

    It's even faster if you ran it as a pikermi instead of a half.

  • Your probally not taking enough rest thats why your time is so average .

  • I don't think 1 minute 10 for a pikermi is average at all.

  • nothing wrong with the is my time any good brigade to a point. Everyone who races is curious at some stage.

    It's the ones who overhype their ability who are the worst, in a sport that is pretty much completely black and white unlike say a team sport where you have tonnes of attributes.

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    I went for my first ever run this morning from Kensington. By lunchtime I was in Port Talbot. I thought it best to turn around to be back in plenty of time to pick the kids up. Is this good? I'm sure I could have gone faster if my penis wasn't so damn big.
  • What's wrong? Didn't I address this in my first speech...
  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    so you don't like me me me type threads that mention a PB immediately in their first post.  maybe not enough people paid attention to your PB post below image


  • Nice work Sherlock

  • Ouch ... I thought I was the detective around here!


  • The best threads on here have been about outrageous pb claims image

  • Ouch - busted! image

  • Oh come on guys. I wasnt seeking self-congratulation. The purpose of that post was to ask about my training plan. You're right, i didnt really need to post my time (although I did think it was quite relevant at the time). Hence, all the responses I got for that post were about my dubious plan only.

    I dont need to know how good my PBs are. I know where they stand because I run the flippin' races and look at the results, just like our '1.10 half-marathon' friend in this post who just wants people to go: -

    'that's a really good time mate, you are the don';

    'really? Cheers. I am flattered. Perhaps I need to slow down. That's useful to know'.

  • that was a good thread.

    19.44 km, and trying to run 5miles at a much faster pace.

    Put in 2years of hard training and you might do it.

    You don't want to hear that though.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    oh so it is only other people talking about times and PBs that are the issue. 

    running is about time and distance, quite difficult to discuss running without mentioning either, as you have proved.

    Why get annoyed at the time gloating, why not anyone who says they ran an ultra (long distance show offs) or even a mid week 10mile LSR (training show offs)

    maybe im not so british and more american/aussie about discussing achievements. If you have done something you are proud of shout it out loud. if those threads bore you then its your fault for clicking on a link that says "tell me about your fastest mile time" and saying what a pointless thread.

    Personally there are people on here i will probably never meet in real life but i like seeing how they train and improve over time so im interested in their times. 

    let the braggers brag and the whisperers whisper.  Its your choice if you listen or turn away image

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