Skora Shoes

Hey evry1 i am thinking about buying minimalist/natural running shoes i use to run in saucony viratta and i think its time go on was thinking between New Balanace minimus and my friend showd me those shoes

Skora any1 has been running or have any experiance with them? what would be better Minimus or 1 of those ?


Help would be nice


All the best


  • Never heard of them, but they look colourful. I notice the prices are in Euros. If you are in the UK, then I would consider shoes that are widely available in the UK - so you can try them on.

    It's OK buying from the web once you have found a size and brand that works.

  • I work for the brand here in the states and have probably ran more miles in the brand than anyone else, including 1100 miles in a single pair of Forms, and a few ultras in Base. 

    Let me know if you have any questions or comments on shoes, I can help you with sizing if you can get a measurement of the length of your longer foot, too. 

    Kyle @ SKORA

  • They were going cheap on Sports-Persuit the other week. Not cheap enough though to chance given that the brand have absolutely no presence here. 

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