Finished C25K

Ok, today did W9R3 of C25K, ok well not 5k, I seem to be averaging 11.22 min/mile and a distance of 2.64 miles. So where next? How can I improve my pace apart from the obvious and run faster! Quite pleased with myself though that I've managed it, always gave up before.


  • Congrats on finishing it!

    This largely depends on your goals and what you want to do? Do you want to get faster or go longer?

    One good idea would be to try and run your local parkrun. it's free to enter, a really good atmosphere and gives you a "PB" that you can work to beat, if you are happy with the 5k distance.

    After my C25K I continued the same 5k route for a few weeks to consolidate and get a bit faster. Then I added half a mile on each week. So a week doing 3 x 3.5m runs, then a week doing 3x4m runs.

    Another good target is signing up to a 10k race. You can do a Bridge to 10k program which will get you up to that distance.

    You are a runner now, the world is your oyster image

  • Well done Knackered ! image

    You've put a lot of hard work into completing the plan,  give yourself a pat on the back and go off for a Park Run image,  that's what I'm planning when I complete the C25K ( I'm only on week 3 day 2 at the moment )


    Good advice by Matty..

  • yes well done!
    +1 for the parkrun, it really helps

  • Well done Knacked !

  • Well done knackered.
  • All depends what you want. When I completed mine in April this year I felt I wanted to go faster and further. You may simply want to go faster, or even just maintain what you have achieved.

    So I got the 10k app from Zen Labs.

    I am now doing 10km races and currently training for 1/2 marathon.

    Take time to enjoy what you have done and spend a few days thinking about your long term goals, then decide.

  • Thanks all, I've decided to give it a few weeks just ploughing on with the 30 min runs to try and get my time down a bit. Managed 11.02 pace today in 30 mins so getting a bit better.

    Long term it's more about fitness and losing a bit of weight rather than anything, my free time doesn't allow much flexibility as I have to run at 6am, as it is otherwise I'd never have time and 30 mins is about my maximum. No parkruns near me worse luck but I'll keep looking. 

    Ultimately I guess a marathon at some point but that's a fair way down the line, right now I'm enjoying the fact that I've got this far for the first time without quitting. I guess the cold winter mornings will be the true test.


  • KBT, you will probably be more effective if you keep the pace down for the next few weeks and try to up the distance a bit instead (get up 5 mins earlier image).  Push the pace just once a week rather than every time you go for a run.  I know it is counter-intuitive but it really does help).  This allows your body to recover better each time and build the muscles / tendons / cardio fitness etc without unnecessary stress.

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