Final week before great south run

Hi guys I need your help!

im training for the great south run and I don't know what to do for the final week.

A part of me wants to go hard because the last couple of weeks have been disjointed thanks to a minor niggle and a close family bereavement.

at the peak of my preparations I was running three times a week (5k, 4 miles and a long run) and the gym three times a week, though it's not been like that the past fortnight.

Please helpimage


  • It takes 2 or more weeks for your 'fitness edge' to start diminishing. Don't do anything hard in the week before a race. Your last long/hard run should be about 3 weeks before any race/event.

    Short, gently, slow, or a bit of tempo work. Walking, cycling, swimming - nothing too taxing. Add a bit of stretching, etc.

  • Well that's good news!! I'm so excited but at the same time im anxious to get the best time I can - 1.30 would be a dream!!

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