Running with limited time

Hi everyone,

Hopefully this is my first post of many! I'm currently 25 years old and working pretty heavily tuesday-thursday and as such have no time to run (though I do play 5 a-side football on a thursday), and as such it only leaves me friday-monday that I'm able to get outside for a run.

I'm still very much a beginner and so was wondering if anyone else has similar schedules and still found it beneficial to run consecutively over 4 days? I was planning to start with something like this:

Friday: 3 mile

Saturday: 8mile

Sunday: 2mile

Monday: 5mile

Last weekend I did do 8 miles (after a few months of on/off running) and felt okay, but that did leave me too achey to run again on Sunday/Monday, though to be honest, I didn't really do any warm ups or stretches. Thanks for your time!


  • I'd not run 4 days consecutively for a beginner - I think that could be too much.

    What are you training for ?
  • Hi cougie,


    Well, basically just want to get some fitness back with an aim to doing a half marathon and possibly a full one, though obviously that's a long way in the distance. I've been doing it for the last few months on and off with it not going too badly, though admittedly that has been smaller distances. Fridays run is usually dependent on how intensive football was the night before.

  • I'd bin the 2 miler then. Go for a walk instead.

    Make sure your runs are done at a pace you could chat at.
  • But if you're running alone, don't do the chat or people will think you're in care in the community

  • Cool, that sounds a good plan cougie! I've never really understood that though, why is it encouraged to be at a talkable pace? is it to ensure you don't overdo it?

    Haha the way I run sometimes Peter, people could very well think that anyway!

  • You dont want to make all of your runs hard - thats a sure fire way to get injured or burn out. Once you have some base - then you could do speed work one day a week - but for now - that would be your football.
  • That sounds a good plan cougie, thanks for all your help! Did 3 miles earlier with stretches before + some nuts and an energy drink after and feeling much better than I have done previously.

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