what have i done to myself??

So after running my first marathon (chester) now about a week and a half ago I had severe foot pain, spent last week doing all sorts of things to them and saw the physio who said I had probably bruised the bones.  Today they actually are starting to feel normal again.  But I ran 12k on Monday, 4k Tue, 6k Wed and had slight weakness down the outside side of one knee.  Went out stupidly today and did 5k and had to stop and limp back to work.  It feels like one leg is really weak - not proper pain but it feels like the outside of the knee isn't supporting my leg somehow.  I am terrible for resting but think I am going to have to.  I can't think what it can be - just the pounding of the actual marathon or something else.  Any ideas you knowledgeable people? thanks


  • so you had severe foot pain and then went straight back to running 4 days in a row......

    after any injury the idea is to go gently back into it short runs and then rest days to assess.....patience is the only way......


  • Correct - was desperate to get out again.  I am not a nice person without a daily run.  that will teach me I guess.....

  • Have you thought about seeing a sports injury specialist? I've seen on in west sussex & he's really helped me with all my running/ exercise related problems!

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    This threads a joke, right? 

  • Hi

    Buy a knee support from boots.get the right size. They cost

    About ??8. You don't need to buy the real

    Expensive one. Wear the support for a week but never at night.

    Have a weeks rest. Then do a short run with the support

    On. Might pay you to run with this for a while. Good luck.
  • Thank you. No not a joke and don't believe I need a shrink actually! I just love my daily run and feel sad that I am out that there. Been doing a lot of foam roller and it hurts so must be good. Having 3 days rest and will them try sorun snort runs with rest days. Bummer,,,


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