Choosing a charity for VLM ballot place entry



I was lucky enough to get a ballot place entry into 2014 VLM.


I am not sure which charity to register with - may sound weird but they all do such good work that I am struggling to decide. I would like to run for a charity.


I have not had any real contact with any of them first hand so can't say there is one "close to my heart" - but traditionally I have donated to cancer/childrens charities.


That being said - this is a chance to run for a less known charity and help raise it's awareness and raise some cash.


From a personal point of view - I would like to feel part of a "team"


Does anyone have any ideas/experiences/suggestions?


  • The VLM website has a link to lots of charities.

    Have a look through then and pick one - as you say, there are no "bad" causes, you have to go with one that feels right for you. 

    Personally I would choose a smaller, less well known charity that one of the large ones but that's just me.

    Given that you have a ballot place, you could even divide your fundraising across two charities.

  • Apologies if I'm stating the obvious.  There's no requirement to raise money for charity, you can just run it.

  • I think the OP knows but just wants to raise some money.  

  • Find a local hospice, children's hospital ward etc. 

    How do you mean part of a team? Run with them on the day, train with them etc?

    Why not join a local running club just for the occasional session and the day?



  • The first time I did FLM I had a ballot place but was asked by so many people who I was running for a decided to run for Cancer Research.  I only sent a couple of emails around work and on on Facebook and got over £1000! 

  • If you really want to do it, and you don't have to, think about something that's personal to you - if you know someone with a particular condition, for example, or have had relatives die from something or other. If all else fails, I'm diabetic and would welcome your contribution to research that would make my life easier... image

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    There is no commitment to run for a charity but if you want to it may be good to choose something local that means something to you.

    Before VLM this year I had done 5 marathons and never mentioned charity but this year when people heard I was doing London everyone started donating money so in the end I got 500 quid for doing very little.

    The only down side I'd that the charity has invited me to their Chrismas ball and want me to do an official presentation of the cheque.
  • That's a down side? A free meal is there?

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    It's a fee meal but I don't really want to be on the stage or have to make speech etc.
  • Just get horrendously drunk first - then you won't remember what a fool you made of yourself.

  • This is bizarre!! Do you ask strangers what underwear you should put on? 

    You can choose any charity not just the ones on the website. If you are actually asking which ones give you the most benefit / help make your day more fun for you! Then ask that.

  • Do you ask strangers what underwear you should put on? 

    That's nothing - there was someone who asked what she should wear while swimming in her local pool once. 

  • I reckon she should put on those nice black ones, since you're asking on her behalf.

  • I was just wondering what underwear do you all wear?

  • None...

  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭
    booktrunk wrote (see)

    This is bizarre!! Do you ask strangers what underwear you should put on? 

    That's nothing...  There was someone on these forums once asking what training they should be doing...  And I distinctly remember someone once asking what running shoes they should be wearing!  What's wrong with people eh image

  • hehe

  • But seriously to me choosing a charity to align yourself with for a venture is more personal then what colour underwear if any i'm wearing.

    (White with red and silver colour stars from M&S in case you ask).

  • Dropping the underpants posts (ooeer) I think people are correct in saying that finding a Charity that means something to you and most likely local would be a good idea and lots/most of the smaller charities never get the chance of offering Golden/Silver Bonds.



  • Like Dvjj I was going to suggesting asking family/friends. I have already decided that if I ever do a full marathon I will do it for a local organisation that provided support for a family friend with a rare cancer that she has had a couple of times 20 years apart (and is currently recovering from second bout, but is doing ok). She mentioned it to me a while ago that if ever I wanted to run for a charity that it is one very close to her heart so that is good enough for me. I also know that the rest of the group of friends would be generous because of this link. 

  • Let's get back to the underwear, I was enjoying that thread....and found the perfect charity for you.....

    I'm running the London Marathon for the British Heart Foundation.....great support so far but then again I also run Heartstart training courses for them, as well as defib training, and so on, so I guess the comments about picking a charity close to your heart ('scuse the pun) is good advice. 

    Have fun, image

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