Rugby league World cup!

Anyone else got ticket's yet? image

Taking the better half to see England vs Fiji I'm sure she will enjoy it?


  • i know nothing of rugby league but my nephew is right into it so I am taking him to the final. looking forward to it. i wanted to go to a couple of scotland games but they are being played in the back of beyond.

  • I'm a rugby union fan, but good luck to our rugby league guys. image

  • Won't be able to watch any games in person but I will try to catch as much on the box as I can.   I love the rugby world cup.image


  • Tickets for several of them. Just wish England would ditch some of the old Faithful that never perform internationally.

  • Missed the boat. Looking forward to seeing a lovely lad I used to teach score a few. Watch for Leroy Cudjoe! image

  • I am going to the England v Ireland game at Huddersfield and also to the Final at Old Trafford (might have to bleach my eyes after going in the ground)

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