Good evening everyone!

Just had a fab run of just over 11 miles, Lambeth bridge to westminister bridge, up to buck house, round the perim of hyde park, then back past buck house, round the trafalgar fountains, up the strand then over millenium bridge and around the southbank to lambeth bridge again. Feel amazing!! I did it to see if i could manage a half marathon(which i hope to do in November) My time today for 11.01 miles is 1:38:49, i have only been running just over two months, im 26 years old, is this an ok time? From this time i imagine i could do a half sub 2 hours, what do you all think? Is now the time to start tapering?(i think its called that), the half marathon i want to enter is on the 10th of November.

Hope you all had good runs today!


Take care and thanks in advance 




  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    There's 60 year olds who can run that far in 60 minutes.

  • Did you see the Queen  or Prince Philip ?   I usually give them a wave whenever I'm passing the palace.  It always makes Lizzie smile.

    I  start tapering about 7 days before a half , 14 days before a full. There are some people who don't taper for halfs.

  • Not sure why you need our advice Robert. Just try it and see.

  • Cheers for the advice Paulie! Yeah i gave Phil a waveimage lol 

  • You sound like you're enjoying it Robert, keep it up, don't worry about the time, although I'm sure you'll break two hours.  Make sure your race doesn't fill up before you enter!

  • Sounds great..

    As others said, no need to taper yet for a half.  Just ease back in the last week.  Get some more runs in.  Try doing 13 miles this weekend, but at about 10 minutes per mile... ie. quite a bit slower than you'll do on race day.  Should do you some good.

  • A 2 hour half is definately within reach so make it happen image

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