I tuned in to BBC2 today to watch the Worlds but it wasn't on.Something about a bad man being caught was deemed to be more important.Anyone know when they will be shown?



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    First of all, why is one hour of coverage needed? You tell us you've found the bugger, you tell us when, how, where he is, etc etc. That's all we need to know thanks!

    Secondly, surely if they need a good juicy slot then replace the Eastenders Omnibus on BBC1. I mean this is a collection of repeats for god's sake!

    Saddam has p*ssed me off once again without even having doe anything, the hairy gimp!

    Hopefully, and if we're lucky, we might get to see it before the olympics next year!
    It's resecheduled for next week, but I'm sure something else will turn up that's more important. Maybe Jimmy White will have a new haircut or something!

    I'm a little annoyed as you can probably tell :O)
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  • They said it would be shown next week.

    Another week of trying to avoid finding out what happened!
  • i'm probably the only person on the forums whos happy about this. hopefully it means it'll be shown after i get back! currently in queenstown - off this afternoon for a run round the elites 10k course.

    back in the UK soon though - too soon :-(
  • The waiting is nearly over...according to BBC listings coverage of the ITU Triathlon World Championships 2003 in New Zealand will now be shown on Sunday, December 21 at 1630 on BBC2 Grandstand.

    Lets hope its a low news day....
  • Phew - tomorrow and not today. Good.
  • what a class bike crash in the Women's race.
    Moral of that is to look where you're going!
  • Ooh, yeah, a real cheese grater!

    I thought she had a wobble before she went down - big blowout?
  • Damn it!
    I missed it, sat down to watch it last week and couldn't believe it when they cancelled it for the Saddam in the hole saga.

    Does anyone know of any repeats?
  • Eastenders is generally repeated on Sundays, Mr Silly
  • was good wasn't it, although I thought that they could have cut out the interviews and shown more... was also very disapointed that they only concentrated on only a few of the british competitors as there were surely more than just one in the ladies race... good to see my mate Richard first out of the water!
  • Sadly Andrea Whitcombe was GBs only competitor in the womens elite race - shame they didn't show more of her run. It was awesome the way she stormed up through the field to finish 6th.

    GB women did really well in the age group race this year - Kerry Lang, Kristina Semple, Lesley Cliff and Dorothy Wagstaff all won their age groups - but that was never going to make it on to the TV coverage....
  • missed it. But the tv guide for the christmas period shows four or five different events on over the period on differnet channels. At last, it appears it is starting to get coverage...
  • BW - that's why I didn't see Kristina then!
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